Dem. US Senate Candidates (sans Snuggles) debate.

Be sure to check out Griftdrift’s coverage of the Democratic US Senate debate yesterday in Cumming. He has several posts about it so click on this link and start reading. Here’s an excerpt from his intro piece:

My trip north was to witness a debate between Democratic candidates for Senate in 2008. To my knowledge, this was the first gathering of four of the five candidates in one place. Present were Josh Lanier, Dale Cardwell, Rand Knight and Maggie Martinez. Vernon Jones could not appear due to a scheduling conflict.

The Forsyth Democrats should be complimented on running a smooth event. The questions were good. The candidates were engaged. I have nearly half a notebook full of notes and quotes. It was one of the most substantive local debates I’ve witnessed. Small room, small crowd but big ideas and big enthusiasm.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    “Vernon Jones could not appear due to a scheduling conflict.”

    Yeah, he had a date with a hot piece of…

  2. JDP says:

    The forum was a huge joke. Maggie Martinez mixed up CEO’s with CO2, Knight was so enthusiastic he nearly fell over, Lanier was a dozer, and Cardwell was waxing like he does on tv.

    Pathetic attendance also

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