From Reagan to Marx in Gwinnett County

Tonight at the Gwinnett County Republican Party Holiday Party, Senator David Shafer was presented with the Ronald Reagan Award for his work in the General Assembly embodying the spirit of Ronald Reagan, by staying true to conservative principles. Gwinnett County GOP Chairman Greg Howard said that he was the unanimous choice of the County Executive Committee.

Also the Gwinnett School Board is trying to sneak a bond referendum onto the February Presidential Preference Primary. While they claim that they will not raise the millage rate, those assurances are weak in the face of a declining housing market and the potential loss of revenue due to slower growth and lower property values.

Finally, on Tuesday the Gwinnett County Commission took a page from Lenin/Marx and decided to switch the county to a soviet-style trash program. Currently Gwinnett residents have consumer choice in who picks up their trash and trash hauling companies have to compete with each other in the arena of service. Now the Commissars in Gwinnett have decided that they know whats best of us and have decided there will be one choice chosen by the Commission. This should be a major boon for the trash hauling companies because now they just have to bribe the Gwinnett County Commission, and not actually compete on service and price.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    How can anybody possibly rationalize or defend this? The whole point of my wife and I moving to Gwinnett when we bought our first house five years ago was because the county featured responsible conservative government in comparison to Fulton and DeKalb.

    Since moving here, however… it’s been non-stop political maneuvering to build a Morsberger-Handout Train boondoggle from Athens, and now the County Commission is taking away consumer choice in trash pickup? This is ridiculous. I’ve already changed my service provider once since moving to Gwinnett (because the last provider was terrible)… what incentive are these companies going to have now to provide good service and response to individual consumer issues?

    This is NOT what I moved to Gwinnett for. This is NOT what voters install solidly monolithic Republican governments for. Bert Nasuti represents the most vulnerable seat on the Commission, and he’s certainly just lost my support.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    So, in a matchup between Charlie Bannister and Lorraine “Anything Mr. Wayne Mason Asks of Me, I’ll Do” Green for commission chair, you will throw your support behind…?

  3. StevePerkins says:

    I second Chris Farris’ sentiments. I EXPECT my county commissioners to get caught up in crap between selfish homeowners and selfish developers, and make decisions here and there that I disagree with.

    However, I do NOT EXPECT crap like this from my Republican county government.

  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Individual Commissioners will reap the whirlwind if they in fact finally enact this change. There is NO public support or remote public push for this. This hare-brained scheme is the sole invention of Connie Wiggins and the Clean and Beautiful crowd. The justification they use for the proposal is weak, weak, weak to the point of nonexistent. Just wait until the public becomes aware of what enactment really entails. Here’s my prediction (that I do not think is overstated in the least): The result will be swift and visceral; if not immediately rescinded when the public becomes aware, the BOC will itself be “swept clean” (to make a bad pun), a la Lillian Webb and the BOC post-New York.

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