Abraham: DOT in disarray.

New DOT chief Gena Abraham has found an abundance of problems with how the DOT does it’s business:

Gena Abraham, eight days in office as commissioner of DOT, told Gov. Sonny Perdue Wednesday that her new staff couldn’t tell her how many projects the department has on its books, giving her answers ranging from 1,100 to the latest answer, 9,211, of which 2,470 are active.

She said projects from the Governor’s “Fast Forward” program, for which the state authorized borrowing $3 billion to accelerate projects, are $4.2 billion over cost estimates, even after a substantial portion of them were moved off the accelerated list.

Open lawsuits against the department number about 1,553, with no evidence they’re being managed in a comprehensive way. The department’s own accounting systems don’t talk to each other, she reported.

And there is no one at the department charged with following a project from start to finish and making sure it gets done.

It’s was all news to them, said the governor and DOT board members.

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  1. Still Looking says:

    DOT needs a complete overhaul. They have gone from a shining star to a complete cluster****. Remember how much work was completed in advance of the Olympics? Couldn’t happen today.

    Once DOT gets it head on straight, we need to increase the spending for transportation in metro Atlanta. And some of it needs to go to trains and transit.

  2. AubieTurtle says:

    So with the GlennTax unable to keep shape for more than a few seconds while under attack and Gena Abraham, whose appointment the speaker strongly opposed, finding lots of nasty problems in everyone’s favorite barrel-o-pork, will Richardson still use his faltering power to punish those who voted to put Gena in her job?

    Starting a two front war… well, we’ve all read the history books.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Oh-no! This is what happens when you put a Georgia Tech grad in a government position. They FIND OUT where crap is screwed-up!

    Poor Sonny…he should have known better than to put someone in an office who is trained to look at the way things have been done for years and ask “WTF is going on here?”

  4. Ms_midtown says:

    “Still looking” is right about how the the work has dropped to a snail’s pace and lacked technological innovation since the Olympics.

    We still have DOT signs with light bulbs, telling us it’s 20+ minutes to go 5 miles. Meanwhile digital commercial billboards can display any image.
    How many cities have installed freeway ramp lights 10+ years ago, ours are still covered in plastic.

    Dallas is going to a toll booth less tollway, we still have 1/2 mile backups at toll plaza.

    We still lack signs that can even tell a visitor the correct lane to get back to the airport.

    “Georgia’s road quality is among the nation’s top ten”. All this means is it pays to be a paving contractor

  5. eehrhart says:

    Perhaps Mike Evans should have been careful with what he asked for FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE. Gena has uncovered huge problems on his watch as chairman and he said not a word.

    Absolutely a reason for him to find another job. Of course what he really wanted all along was the job for himself. Evans did try up until the last week to have both Abraham and Smith not considered and himself installed as the consensus candidate.

    She is doing a GREAT job and those like Mike who were responsible for the mess need to move on.

  6. eehrhart says:


    If she had done that; she would be doing an even “GREATER” JOB!

    I know this will kill you Bill but I even taught one of her class lessons, at her invitation, at Georgia Tech.

    You think maybe the world will come to an end?

  7. Bill Simon says:

    An Open Letter to Gena Abraham:

    Dear Gena,

    Please do not consort with UGA grads like Earl Ehrhart. Your impressive and impeccable credentials will gradually deteriorate.

    P.S. By the way, you’re a hottie, married or not.

  8. Mike Hauncho says:

    I hope they can get the bridge on South Cobb Dr. at the Fulton/Cobb line fixed soon. When I drive over it I can see the water below and I have a feeing it wasn’t designed that way.

  9. AubieTurtle says:

    Don’t worry Mike, if the drought holds up, soon you won’t be able to see water below when driving over that bridge.

  10. cheapseats says:

    so far, I’m impressed but I’m waiting until I hear her tell Atlanta to fix their own damn transportation problems that they created with their massive overdevelopment.

    The rest of Georgia don’t want to wipe Atlanta’s bottom any more!

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Earl…you appear to be acting as though YOU might be the bird who was early….you’re showing just a tad bit too much enthusiasm to be a casual acquaintenance. 😉

  12. Still Looking says:

    Cheapseats, how about if metro Atlanta just keeps it tax dollars here and you pay your way for awhile?

    Metro Atlanta sends education bucks your way. Our gas taxes pay for your “economic development GRIP” roads to nowhere. Our business hires your kids. Without the tax revenues pouring out of metro Atlanta and into the rest of the state, you’d be living in Mississippi. Atlanta is a net giver in taxes, and there ain’t no if ands or maybes about it. So pucker-up fella.

  13. cheapseats says:

    I’ll take that deal! Thanks!

    But, you have to keep the General Assembly – don’t try sending those buffoons back to us!

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