And thus with grace, we begin again anew

Miriam Paris, as predicted, got the unanimous support of City Council tonight. James Timely will again be President Pro Tempore and Ed DeFore, the longest serving member of Council, will be the third person on Committee on Committees.

Mr. DeFore, despite his tenure, has never been on the Committee on Committees, the body which assigns all members to the various committees.

So, what was up? If you look at the breakdown, here’s what shaped up:

It was not old versus new.

It was not black versus white.

It was reform versus status quo and it was civility versus incivility. A number of people who voted for Miriam felt very strongly that she would be the most fair and could be trusted more than any of the others to not take sides and to be an honest broker.

And so it came to pass that Miriam racked up votes. Larry Schlesinger likewise racked up the votes to be President Pro Tempore. He had eight firm votes, but he was willing to stand aside for James Timley if a deal could be worked out between Miriam and James.

One was.

Tonight, James Timley nominated Miriam and that nomination was seconded by several people at once.

Ed DeFore then nominated James Timley with multiple seconds and Mike Cranford nominated Ed DeFore with multiple seconds.

I think most of City Council understands the meaning of the elections this year. Winds of change are blowing.

And now, if Council were smart, it would try to fade into the background and let the new Mayor have the limelight to himself.

PS – I’m now officially honorable 😉


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Note how Erick never says he was “sworn in”, just that he is “now officially honorable”, whatever that means, and the winking smiley face just makes the whole thing more suspect.

  2. Put on your armor Councilman, you’ve gone from being sworn in to being sworn at.

    How about begin by getting your fellow bound and gagged, party animal, stepford, MacOnion councilperson’s to start getting the bloods, crips, dsgb and mexican mafia out of “our” neighborhood? They are getting a stronghold on our area youth.

    There were too many inaugural parties going on over the last few days for them to even bother sending out a police unit to back us up over here…

  3. Warrior says:

    God speed, Erick.

    You will now violate most ethics laws (innocently), your personal code of honor (as you compromise and trade), and will face an OMG moment as the budget rears its ugly face. Good luck! This is a great republic.

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