Here’s a funny one

Procter & Gamble says its Albany, GA facility has the highest health care costs of any of its plants in the nation, save one in Louisiana.

So the Albany City Government, along with Dougherty County, hired out a study on healthcare costs that showed that, in fact, Albany has significantly lower healthcare costs than most other parts of the country.

But there’s a problem.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    If we have not learned anything from the Census, the Global War on Global Warming or Elections we should have learned that modeled data is always much more accurate and respected than actual data.

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    I don’t really see why P&G would lie about this, and I find the whole situation humorous in its clear portrayal of the problem of government v. business. One deals in abstraction. The other deals in facts.

    One exception is the GWOT. U.S. threats sure seemed abstract to Saddam until he was forced to quibble in a whole and beg. Interesting how governments are great at taking away people’s rights and livelihoods, but cannot do the opposite.

    Good ol’ Huckabee is trying to use the government now to replace the failures of the church. I think he’ll find that the church in all her failures still enact incomparable good compared to the government.

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