Delta: Spending Post-Bankruptcy Resources Wisely?

I don’t really think so.

Volumes have been written about how to properly behave at weddings or which fork to use at fancy dinners.
But when it comes to dealing with the neighboring passenger who hogs precious airline arm space or the unruly kid who won’t pipe down on crowded flights, there’s precious little out there.

Until now.

Delta Air Lines Inc. is trying to raise awareness of behavior in the air by creating an animated series of videos showing passengers confronted with delicate social situations.

But hey, I don’t have any Delta stock, so who am I to complain, unless they go bankrupt again after wasting money on crap.


  1. DMZDave says:

    As someone who flies several times a week, I find it is a lot easier to just lower my expectations regarding air travel and find some way to compensate for the behavior of others.

    For some time my personal pet peeve regarding airplane conduct was cell phone loud talkers until I finally gave up and decided to play along at home under the theory of “if you are going to make me part of your conversation, I’m going to listen.” My game is to see how much embarrassing/stupid personal information the loud talker will divulge. One of my favorites was “I showed her what it meant to be a Christian lover and just held her all night and wouldn’t engage in any actual sex even though she wanted to.” Not sure why he thought five rows needed to know that or why that made him a “Christian lover.”

    My other favorite in the “just odd “category was the woman in the security screening line shouting instructions to her assistant on her cell that “I need you to get the sign by my desk and place it in the manger next to the Baby Jesus, that’s right, put the sign next to the Baby Jesus.” No idea what that was about but everyone around me was initially irritated with this particular loud talker until I explained the theory behind my game and then others started laughing, shaking their heads and repeating “put the sign next to the Baby Jesus.”

    I have also overheard sensitive information to include legal settlement discussions with enough detail to discern who the parties were and what someone thought they would accept , and information I was certain was classified about a missile program in Huntsville complete with instructions on how to brief the visiting general so he wouldn’t ask too many questions.

    So now, instead of being irritated by loud talkers on the cell phones, I say, “bring it on” and if you are going to the airport and inclined to shout on your cell, please try to at least make it entertaining.

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