Ben Fry to become GOP Exec. Director.

According to a press release I received from Jason Shepherd and the Georgia YRs:

According to Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Everhart, Marty will leave his post effective December 31, 2007 to open a political consulting firm. Current Political Director Ben Fry will become the next Executive Director after Marty leaves.

Fry previously served as Special Assistant to Governor Perdue for two and a half years. His political career began with an internship at the Georgia Republican Party while attending the University of Georgia.

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  1. rightbeforeleft says:

    Couldn’t ask for a better guy to take the reins. Ben worked harder than anyone for the Governor and deserves the chance to show those outside the Governor’s office what he is capable of. Don’t be surprised if this twenty-something displays the type of steadfast mature leadership that our fifty-something electeds have yet to show us.

  2. EAVDad says:

    Ben is a good man, I just wonder if his experience really prepares him for this high-profile gig. Seems kind of quick. But, again, Ben is a good guy. Good luck Ben.

  3. gatormathis says:

    One thing for sure about Ben, he’s definitely a nice guy.

    Polite as hell.

    Quite, too. Always double checking stuff on the Blackberry thingie, and staying in the background.

    Then again, you know how those strong silent types always turn out.

    Probaly have somebody get him unduly riled up, and he’ll bust out with some hidden way back “Bruce Lee” persona.

    If not careful, ole Ben will be snatched out somebody’s ” gullet” and showed it to em, all the while still “chopping and flailing” away.

    “Gentle Ben” , the silent dragon, he’ll be coming your way soon.

    Give him plenty of room.

    Congrats dude!!!!!!!

    Oh, and a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannaka, and all those other big holiday words to the rest of ya’ll.

  4. I first met Ben when we were interning together for the GAGOP back in 2003. We spent the summer working on Jay Neal’s special election for HD1.

    Ben is one of the hardest working, humble, and intelligent individuals I have met.

    He has served the Governor well over the last 3 years and will do a wonderful job at the GAGOP.

    Congrats Ben!

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Ben is a hard worker. He is liked by any one that meets him.

    Is someone going to start a college football bowl thread? I know it doesn’t have anything to do with Georgia politics but Erik could give us that Christmas present 🙂

  6. GOPeach says:

    I met Ben when he was working with Robert Lamutt in 2004.

    He seems sooo much older than he really is.

    I hope you keep the GOP in check, Ben! 🙂

  7. DeacfromGA says:

    To echo Tomczak,

    Ben is amazing young man and I’m proud to call him a friend. He’ll do wonders for the Georgia GOP.

    At least he won’t be asking people “Where’s the Governor? Where’s the Governor?” anymore.

  8. shep1975 says:

    yeah, I have to send out press releases and hope they gets picked up by Erick or Buzz. Maybe someday my application for front page posting will be approved.

    Still waiting on the one I sent on Hans to get up here.

  9. juliobarrios says:

    There is a secret about Ben that many do not know.

    At midnight he turns on his portable police scanner, puts on a ninja outfit and cruises the streets of Buckhead on his Vespa to fight crime under cover of darkness.

  10. rugby_fan says:

    “There is a secret about Ben that many do not know.”

    I was hoping you were going to say he is the reason Paul Broun and Erick Erickson are unable to remove the “Elect” modifier from their titles.

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