All Hail Buzz

Buzz, nee “The Correct Picks”, won the Peach Pundit Pickems (I’m telling you, watch out for this guy, he has done lots of big things lately and has a great future).

In the spirit of FSU football of recent years, I shall blame everyone but myself for losing.

1 The Correct Picks 1400
2 Icarus 1347


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Well I can only seem to copy one team at a time into the story and it becomes formatted in an odd way.

    At any rate, here is the rest of the standings, should anyone be interested.

    2 Icarus 1347
    3 Picks of the Driving Buddha 1345
    4 Tomorrow’s Scores Today 1315
    5 mmmm Cold Beer 1284
    6 Reclaim Your Republic 1188
    7 WilsonsLongShots 1011
    8 Goooo Jackets 577
    9 Carpe Forem 453
    10 Al Smith’s Rabbi 258
    11 Noles Win 163

  2. Icarus says:

    Congrats again to Buzz.

    I fought the good fight, but in typical Icarus fashion, had a mid season wing melt, followed by a crash and burn.

    Now I just hope that the PeachPundit CollegePickem Nation can turn its attention to ensuring that the 10th CD’s rightful Congressman Elect can finally, finally be sworn in.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    Just build another “the Correct Picks”, but make sure to change the name to “Noles Win”.

    There is too much Buzz buzz to handle another Buzz.

  4. Icarus says:

    Wait, you can’t have another Buzz Brockway until I figure out how to finish my first.

    The last one I tried just kept making German Schiza films and submitting them as CNN YouTube debate questions.

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