1. Mark Rountree says:

    And a big congratulations to Warren Davis of Gwinnett County.

    Warren was appointed today as Gwinnett County’s new Superior Court Judge.

    He is a long-serving Chief Magistrate of the county, a former undercover police officer-turned-attorney, then turned judge. A good Republican, too.

  2. Steve, I’m sure he was congratulating him. Ed Ennis is a fine person and immensley qualifed. Ennis was defeated in the last election for another seat. He ran a tremendous race and won the respect of many people. I’m certain we’ll be well served.

  3. leantothemiddle says:

    Eric was involved in the race where the other Judge was elected. This sight had inappropriate comments, in my opinion, even insinuating that Ed Ennis should not be elected because he went to the same church as many of the other Judges and that somehow made a difference. But when you are working to elect a friend, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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