1. Tommy_a2b says:

    By this logic we should pay the President of the United States a Billion Dollars a year. If anyone has a close friend who is a private sector Attorney and also know a judge real well can explain that most Judges have a very light schedule comparitively. This better not get any legs. One last thought, has anyone ever met a Government employee who didn’t think they needed a raise because they were under paid?

  2. bird says:

    Judges are underpaid. Though I do work more hours than judges and get paid more, I’ve only been practicing 3 years. Most entry-level attorneys at mid-sized and large law firms get paid more than judges, which is a joke.

    For the record, most big firms would hire almost any judge and pay them well. The point is that the bench should retain the best, so that the best don’t keep leaving for the private sector. No one is suggesting judges should be paid $600,000+ to be on par with private sector attorneys at big firms. Just as much as an entry-level attorney at one of the big firms.

    Justice is too important to leave in the hands of the incompetent.

  3. dorian says:

    As in all things, you get what you pay for. Does anyone want to see the judiciary reduced to the lowest common denominator of the state bar? I mean these are the people that make decisions that affect almost every aspect of our lives.

    Moreover, the only reason Perdue is opposed to the raise, aside from the fact that he dislikes judges and is generally abhorrent to an independant judiciary is that he wants leverage the pay raise against reducing judicial retirement.

    Seriously, the bill he is proposing would allow Judges to “opt in” to reduced retirement benefits. One assumes those that “opt in” can get a higher salary for it. Nevermind, the fact that this “law” would be overtuned in about two seconds.

    Perdue has never showed anything but contempt for attorneys and the court system in general. Whatever he may have said at one time or another, that is how he has acted.

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