I doubt this…

I just saw this on Ballot Access News, my initial thought is, “yeah, right”:

Two ballot access activists in Georgia, Mike Crane and John Dashler, have been making headway lobbying the Georgia legislature. They have found a legislative sponsor for a bill next year to improve ballot access. Also they have been told by the House Committee chairman who would have jurisdiction over the bill that the bill will progress out of his Committee. That is a welcome change from 2006, when that same chairman blocked HB 927.

The chairman of the committee is David Ralston, who was also the sponsor of HB 927.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Election reform gets toyed with in the off-year sometimes, but for the most part the discussion is pretty reactionary. When the party in-power gets forced into a runoff somewhere, there’s a big push to close ballot access and/or raise the bar for runoffs. When the out-of-power party loses a runoff, everyone changes their minds and decides that ballot access and runoffs are okay. It would be nice to see some positive change (Georgia ballot access laws are among the most draconian in the nation), but if they ever do get around to tampering with things it will probably just be for the worse.

  2. CHelf says:

    Mike Crane is a constituent of Ralston. I wonder if his Southern Party put enough heat on Ralston or if something else changed his mind.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    Improved ballot access would do a lot of good for our country, but politicans have never been about improving the country, just their individual and collective chances of getting re-elected.

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