Good for Sonny

I think this is good to get out there. It looks like, for once, the Republican leaders in the state are actually united on something.

Gov. Sonny Perdue said Tuesday he still hopes the state can play a role in saving Grady Hospital but declared the state


  1. Bill Simon says:

    If it were ever truly legitimate, it wouldn’t be referred to as “dropping the race card” as though it was part of some card game.

    It is too bad that for some REAL legitimate instances in which racism or bigotry might be appropriately applied in any future instance, the long line of hucksters of so many previous race-baiters have pretty much obliterated any chance of people going “What? Racism? In this day and age? How shameful!”

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    Agree Bill-

    The true instances of racism and bigotry are greatly cheapened by the charlatans and mooches who make their livings off of creating discontent.

  3. NonPartisanGA says:

    The tragedy is these self and media appointed charlatans are viewed as leaders – actually representing what huge segments of our county believe.

    The lazy media further empowers them as they rush for a quote that purportedly represents for instance what black people think.

    The reality is there is as much diversity of thought, aspiration, and success in that group as there is in any.

    The true victims are those shining stars lumped in with those destined to fail because it is easier to generalize that invest the effort to view people as individuals.

    Those that prejudge because of laziness are victims too, but it is self-inflicted.

  4. BubbaRich says:

    I’m not sure how much racism is a factor in this. It’s difficult to say because the typical loudmouth’s position on this issue boils down to “Let the poor people die! Don’t give them free healthcare!” That sort of class warfare is, in Georgia, closely related to race issues. Some people are willing to throw in a few poor white people if this will eliminate a lot of poor black people, while others just want to eliminate all of the poor, lazy people, no matter what the racial breakdown.

    The Republicans (including the governor and Erick) are trying to dodge this issue completely, and act as if the REAL problem is mismanagement of some type. The real problem is actually that the entire medical care system is broken across the country. We don’t want to let poor people die, but we don’t want to pay for decent healthcare for them.

    There may be some mismanagement involved, but the broken healthcare system has enabled and even encouraged such mismanagement. When you have a massive hospital serving a lot of poor people, paying for it by shifting money from and between other accounts since nobody wants to pay for it directly, you have a perfect storm of a problem. Add to that the witch hunt that certain politicians have been on for votes to do things like make sure that the printer paper in the abortion clinic was not paid for with any federal money, and you end up with an insoluble problem. I’d be completely amazed if any administrator managed to negotiate that maze WITHOUT breaking some rules, to make sure that doctors and nurses and others get paid, and that sick people are cared for.

    Some of this witch hunting crew are realizing what the cost to the entire city would be if they were successful in cutting off medical care at Grady like they’ve been trying to do, and they don’t think the city is ready for their replacement “just let them die” healthcare system. It would be interesting to see them trying to deal with this labyrinthine problem, but a lot of people would suffer while that was happening. A rational healthcare payment system, and fewer irrational anti-medical care rules from the federal government would help. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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