That looks like trouble for Grady

This would be bad news.

As if things weren’t bad enough for the financially strapped Grady Health System, now the hospital faces a list of criticisms, including issues with patient care, that put its national accreditation at risk.

In a five-day inspection last week, the Joint Commission


  1. mike volpe says:

    In my opinion, this isn’t a case of more bad news, but rather, it is about time. The hero in this incident, in my opinion, is Ron Marshall of the Grady Coalition who sent letters for years to JCOHA complaining about Grady’s stonewalling in giving up public records.

    Grady is a mess, and this would be a good step if it is taken, however the powers that be at Grady have threaded the perverbial needle before and so I am cautiously optimistic that something will come of this.

    I hope everyone gets a chance to read my piece in which I give my recommendations (when I say I, I am misleading since the recommendations are entirely those of the contacts I have made). This is a real plan that would turn Grady around and can make it solvent and serve the public. I hope everyone gets behind this plan or at least offers their own. I know that the Task Force is a farce and must be opposed. Here is the plan…

  2. mike volpe says:

    Yes, it is so boring when powerful politician pilfer a public hospital with your tax dollars. I can see how that is boring. You will yawn your way into another half a billion dollar payment to that hospital with your tax dollars. How boring?

  3. mike volpe says:

    People have risked careers, lives and everything else to expose the corruption that is taking place at Grady and you have the nerve to say it is boring. If you only knew the sacrifice people have made, maybe then it wouldn’t be so boring to you.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    I am sorry what I meant to say was “OH Boy it is Volpeach! Thank God he is here with links to his blog to help us poor dumb southerners out with his wisdom from Chicago!”


    By the way, Grady’s board is not made up only by appointees of Vernon “Snuggles” Jones.

  5. mike volpe says:

    Yes, it is. My “wisdom” comes from community activists, whistleblowers, reporters, and interested politicians all living Georgia. As my piece points out, none of the ideas are mine but rather those that others who have worked at Grady or who have investigated it have given me.

    Ad hominem attaks with nothing of substance behind them is always a sign of someone who has no arguement. If you find something wrong with the recommendations please point them out, however if what you find wrong with them is that I, an outsider, have given them, then that is really not actually finding anything wrong with them. If all you can say is yawn without addressing the substance of the recommendations then you really have said nothing.

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