Romney & Huckabee name names.

I’m a few days late with this but the Mitt Romney campaign….

has announced that Brandon Phillips, a veteran of several local campaigns, will serve as its state director. Phillips was the regional coordinator for Jim Whitehead


  1. Donkey Kong says:

    Donkey Kong just recently announced his support for…himself. He plans to target voters who typically vote for fictional and strange characters such as Mickey Mouse and Ron Paul.

  2. GOPeach says:

    I think you can add to list:

    Senator Pam Glanton

    State House Nominee Cindye Coates

    CD Chairman, Kevin Harris

    Representative Roger Hines

    Justin Tomczak


    just about 1, 000 pastors.

  3. Nate says:

    The Romney team made a great decision in picking Brandon for this position. I am 100% in Fred Thompson’s corner, but I know Brandon and have seen him work on campaigns before. He has an amazing work ethic and values principles over power. Well done Brandon.

  4. GOPeach says:


    I hope you are mad as hell and ready to win one!

    Is Ralph with Romney? I heard he was with Rudy.
    Knowing Ralph- He will go with the big guys!

  5. steelfist says:

    The rest of the GOP field better watch out just in case Phillips wants to go another few rounds over yard signs again.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph is neutral I believe but many of his supporters are backing Rudy. Some went with Romney and a few went with Fred.

    Ralph’s Finance Chair for his Lt. Governor’s race is Rudy Georgia Finance chair, etc.

  7. shep1975 says:

    I actually would have expected Ralph to have come out for Rudy since Rudy did come to GA to campaign for him a could of times.

    There are a few more names on the Huckabee list list PSC Commissioner Stan Wise and Sentor Judson Hill, not to mention at least 2 former Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

  8. Insider Mike says:

    Congrats to Brandon. He knows what he’s doing.

    GOPeach, are you sure about those endorsements? I highly doubt Tomczak and Judson Hill would go that far out on a limb…

    Ralph is staying out of it, but is in contact with both the Rudy and Romney camps.

  9. GOPeach says:


    My son saw a Huckabee bumper sticker on Justin’s car the other day.

    Ask Jason about Judson Hill – that one I did not know….

    LOL … sooo many “J’s” … Justin, Jason, Judson…

  10. GOPeach says:

    I know that Ralph has been friends with Gov. Huckabee for many years also. I know he would be very happy if he got the nomination. He just thinks his chances are slim perhaps and wants to go with a winner.

    Trust me … seeing your candidates loose time after time gets old… BUT I would rather go with a GREAT person who looses that a Shmuck who wins any day… at least I will not apologize to my grandchildren about my reasons in backing someone who has the heart.

  11. GOPeach says:

    This just in…

    ” In a poll released December 4th, Governor Mike Huckabee has pulled even with national frontrunner Rudy Giuliani at 18%. Huckabee, who has completed four marathons, has often compared his presidential bid to that of those long runs – the goal is to keep gaining and gaining and hit your stride at just the right time. It seems like he may be doing just that!”

  12. debbie0040 says:

    Once the campaigns start running ads pointing out the true record of Huckabee things will change.

    Is there a “Willy Horton” lurking out there for Huckabee? I included excertps from the articles and I urge you to read the entire article,

    Murdered women’s mothers blame Huckabee for his part in killer’s release

    Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said Tuesday he is

  13. John Konop says:


    Please help me understand why you are upset about this and not Rudy knowingly hiring a child predator?

    Rudy Hires Child Predator?


    TH-None of the priests were ever prosecuted or even identified because statutes of limitations had expired long before the district attorney

  14. GOPeach says:


    I DO support RON PAUL!

    It would be very very hard for be to choose between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee.

    BUT… I would vote Huckabee over Rudy or Mitt – any day.

    I would vote RON PAUL over anyone but Huckabee… Then it would be really tough!

    One thing is sure!
    Ron Paul is an ICON. He has narrowed his platform down to one word – FREEDOM!

  15. GOPeach says:

    The think that gets me about Ron Paul is his stand on pulling out of Iraq so fast. That is the ONLY things – it is a bit radical….I am not a military expert but that just seems a bit cowardly.

    I am not hearing what he would say to the Iraqi people… What would he say to them for leaving them there to be overtaken by terrorists? …

    THAT seems to be the only thing that causes me to lean to Huckabee. As one who served on the executive level – he knows how to relate to the heads of state.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    John, I am a Fred Head and Rudy is my second choice.

    How can you call yourself a small government, fiscal conservative and even be considering supporting Huckabee?

  17. ChuckEaton says:

    Sometimes I wonder what folks would say about Ronald Reagan if he were running for President for the first time today and we tried to hold his record of Governor of California to the “Reagan Standard”.

  18. Jace Walden says:

    Huckabee is a big-government, tax-hiking fool.

    The only true alternative to the slate of big-government Republicans is Congressman Ron Paul.

    He’s the only conservative left in the race.

  19. John Konop says:


    As I have said in past I am no expert on Huckabee, but I do like how he comes off in a debate.

    As far as the fiscal issue other than Ron Paul all the candidates have spotted records at best. I will give Huckabee credit he did balance the budget unlike Rudy. And he did not create a bigger debt than when he came in like Rudy did.

    For a so

  20. GOPeach says:

    Rudy is not my choice whatsoever! If Rudy gets the nomination, I will lead the efforts for a write-in campaign for president in the General. This thought is shared by more people than you could count!

    It is a MATTER of LIFE and death! No Deals!

  21. GOPeach says:

    When it comes down to it- When I get in front of the touch screen at the polls — I think ” Life” -not ” Loot”!

    Voting to kill babies with my tax money is not only a sin – it is a CRIME!

  22. GOPeach says:


    I would think you would be with Fred first and then Mitt – Both a fiscal & social conservative….

    I am curious – How can you vote Rudy and be a social conservative? It seems in ’06, you were very much a social conservative. I felt a kindred spirit with you in that way…. what caused you to change? Most social conservatives would die for what they believe in – I would.

    Give me LIFE & Liberty or give me death!

  23. John Konop says:


    Club for growth should be called Club for debt! They gave great grades to same lawmakers that got us 10 trillion in the red and growing. The same lawmakers that voted for bridges to nowhere, No Child Left Behind a lobbyist dream bill, The drug Prescription bill with no money to pay for it

  24. GOPeach says:


    I KNOW RON PAUL could win over Hillary, Obama, and Edwards if they all became Siamese Triplets!

    All accept for one thing…. there are the feminists who want estrogen whipping the military into shape!

  25. drjay says:

    i don’t think its a given that “deficit spending” by the gov’t is in and of itself a bad thing–its a very complicated issue that is made more so by the feds unique accounting system and i’m not so sure keynes was not onto somethning in that regard…

  26. Jace Walden says:


    Are these wild accusations based on facts or just your personal opinion?

    Ted Stevens, author of the “Bridge to Nowhere” scored a 47/100 on the annual Club for Growth Score Card and a 13/100 on the annual RePork Card. Do these look like “great grades” to you, John?

    Here they are urging legislators to vote for spending cuts:

    The Club for Growth Legislative Score Card grades members based on the combination of their votes on taxes AND SPENDING!!!

    For someone who “always” argues the “facts”, John, you completely missed the mark here.

  27. GOPeach says:

    No campaign has more FIRE than Ron Paul.

    No campaign has more FAITH than Huckabee.

    No campaign has more FAVORS than Rudy.

    No campaign has more FIGHT than McCain

    No campaign has more FINANCE than Mitt.

    No campaign has more FILM than Fred.

    No campaign has more FENCE than Tancredo.

    So who will win the “F” race?

  28. Jace Walden says:


    I had a question for you regarding the CFG, but the comment got held in moderation. I’ll try it again:


    Are these wild accusations based on facts or just your personal opinion?

    Ted Stevens, author of the

  29. Jace Walden says:

    I’ll try to post it a couple of pieces at a time:


    Are these wild accusations based on facts or just your personal opinion?

    Ted Stevens, author of the

  30. Jace Walden says:

    Oh, by the way, John, those are just the links from this year…shall I go back to previous years and give you even more proof that you’re way off base?

  31. drjay says:

    as a practical matter the federal gov’t will/can never go bankrupt–i’m not saying we should spend willy-nilly but i don’t lose sleep over it

  32. Justin Tomczak says:

    I do in fact have a Huckabee bumper sticker on my Buick. It’s been there for 6 months or so.

    My focus however is on the U.S. Senate race here in Georgia.

  33. Jace Walden says:


    Admitedly, I am a little disappointed in how the club factored spending into the overall grade. According to the website, candidates who sponsored bills that increased spending were only docked points if their overall legislative agenda would have caused a net increase in spending.

    Also, I can’t defend Price or Saxby, and I think you know that I believe both of them to be big-government, big-spenders.

    But the way you just write off the CFG is categorically wrong. We both may not agree with their overall rating scheme, but to mischaracterize what the club does as “The Club for Debt” is just wrong.

    The club consistently fights for spending cuts, rejection of pork, free markets, school choice, and lower taxes.

  34. John Konop says:


    You and I generally agree on spending. My problem is simple when a group gives out a ratting it should be accurate. Many people take the grades as gospel without knowing the facts as well as you do.

    I really do not know much about Club for Growth other than the original founder left do to the ranking system on spending and other political issues.. I have a friend who was involved heavily with the group early on in Georgia and got frustrated when the group became a rubber stamp for pork spending lawmakers.

    I will not mention his name but he is fairly well known in Georgia as well as in Washington for his work on the VAT tax and Flat tax. He is one of the smartest economists I have ever met. I am not sure via his contract work private and public he would want me to use his name.

  35. John Konop says:


    You demonstrated what a hypocrite you are! You insult the behavior of Ron Paul supporters at a Rudy rally that Ron Paul drew as many or more supporters. And now you take a cheap shot with the video from Fox because a guy who owns a brothel supports Ron Paul. How is this even news?

    Debbie this is why many do not takes what you say seriously. Yet Rudy you would vote for after he knowingly hired a child predator! Do you get the problem?

  36. debbie0040 says:

    John, I am not just going to respond to you anymore. You are the on that is not to be taken seriously.

    You have never gotten over the fact that you got trounced by Tom Price and are very bitter over it. You even attack Club For Growth. Price received their endorsement over you.

    The problem is you John…

  37. juliobarrios says:

    I know you shouldn’t completely judge a candidate by his supporters, but every recent GOP event I’ve been to I’ve found a lot of his gang to be a rude, obnoxious, tinfoil hat wearing bunch of goof balls.

    At the Cobb County straw poll a couple of the people sitting at the Ron Paul table were wearing t-shirts that stated 9-11 was a conspiracy.

    It scares me to see there are folks like this walking around and I wonder what is it about a particular candidate that seems to be a magnet for these types.

  38. John Konop says:


    I have no bitterness toward Tom Price. In fact on this blog I even said I would support him on some of his healthcare ideas. And I know Jace disagrees with me on this issue yet I give him credit unlike you he does his homework.

    As far as Club for Growth you once again avoid the FACTS and spin. The reason you do want to debate is all you do is spin talking points mindlessly without thinking for yourself.

    You attacking Ron Paul on a supporter which he has no control and than supporting Rudy (who has control) who knowingly hired a child predator shows your lack of integrity.

  39. juliesme says:

    John (6%) You need to see the writting on the wall. More than 9 of 10 wanted Tom, not you. Go do something else and stop living on your own defeat.

  40. John Konop says:


    You are right a combination of people support Ron Paul. And some from the right and the left have taking the distrust of government to far, yet one cannot argue the overall distrust from the public of both Parties.

    As I have said in the past I do not 100% support Ron Paul

  41. IndyInjun says:

    Speaking of “naming names”, it looks like more than a few names fit Huckabee, like liar, crook, thief and deceiver.

    The GOP cannot possibly select a more disastrous candidate, for he does nothing to bring the disaffected groups back into the fold required to win.

    If the socialists who have held the reins of power nominate this guy just because he was an ordained Baptist minister, they must understand that the rest of us are paying attention to his utterly dishonest, liberal, tax-loving, even thieving ways as Arkansas governor.

    Taking $70,000 of furniture from the governor’s mansion, granting more pardons and paroles than 6 states combined, releasing Dumond to kill again, promising to sign ANY tax increase on camera, hawking a national version of the disastrous GREAT plan, destroying state property, and lying about his roles in most of the above should be sending folks scurrying away.

    We fear another George W. Bush even worse than Hillary Clinton. Electing one who is embracing religion while perverting it is anathema.

    Do not force into that choice.

    We must save America and our party, not inflict any more damage.

  42. John Konop says:


    The truth is I took close to third of the vote in Cherokee County as a first time runner out spent twenty to one.

    On this blog I warned people early on about the mortgage crisis, issues with products from China, national debt and immigration.

    If you think I was wrong about the issues please tell me why.

    I have no intent on running in the near future. In a general election most experts know I would give Tom Price a close race.

  43. John Konop says:


    Huckabee said it was the decision by former Arkansas Govs. Bill Clinton and Jim Guy Tucker that made DuMond eligible for parole, and Huckabee declined to reduce DuMond’s sentence further.

    “I’ve never made a decision about the DuMond case other than the decision to write the letter” to DuMond, Huckabee said. “That was my decision, but I didn’t parole him, because governors don’t parole people in Arkansas.”

    However, Charles Chastain, a parole board member at the time, told ABC News he felt pressure from Huckabee when the board considered DuMond’s parole in 1996, and the Arkansas Times reported in 2002 that two other board members said they were influenced by Huckabee to parole DuMond.

    Huckabee denied he asked the board to approve DuMond’s parole.

    “No, I did not,” Huckabee said Sunday. “Let me categorically say I did not.”

    Huckabee noted that the three board members who said they were pressured were appointed to the board by Democrats Clinton and Tucker.

    Huckabee said Wednesday his discussion with the parole board in 1996 was a general discussion about clemency, not about the DuMond case.

    But a former Huckabee aide, Butch Reeves, tells CNN that the DuMond case was discussed during the meeting with the parole board, but that it was the board members who asked Huckabee about the case. Reeves said Huckabee did not pressure the board to approve DuMond’s parole.

  44. debbie0040 says:

    Huckabee Aide: Gov Pushed for Rapist’s
    Share December 05, 2007 6:00 PM

    Brian Ross Reports:
    Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made a rare personal appeal to release a convicted rapist from prison, a former top aide to the GOP presidential hopeful confirmed to ABC News.

    Butch Reeves, formerly the criminal justice counsel to the Arkansas governor’s office, handled all requests for clemencies and communications with prisoners.

    His account of a key 1996 meeting between then-Gov. Huckabee and the state parole board largely supports an earlier version of the meeting by former board member Charles Chastain. It contrasts with Huckabee’s position that he did not pressure the board.

    Blotter Despite Victims’ Pleas, Huckabee Pushed Rapist’s Freedom
    Blotter Mom: ‘Carol Sue Would Be Alive Today’ If Not for Huckabee
    Good Morning America Video Huckabee: Not So Tough on Crime
    Click Here for Full Blotter Coverage
    “At their invitation, I went to their meeting. Someone brought up his case,” Huckabee said Tuesday, describing his meeting with the board. “Frankly it was simply part of a broader discussion. I did not ask them to do anything.”

    In a phone interview, Reeves said Huckabee told the board members he thought there was “something nefarious” about the criminal justice system in Dumond’s case, and that the rapist got a “raw deal.” Huckabee said he believed Dumond’s sentence, originally a life sentence plus 20 years, was “way out of bounds” for his crime, raping a 17-year-old high school student.

    Reeves said he could recall only a few such appeals being made by a governor.

    In an interview Wednesday afternoon, Huckabee told ABC News he believed the Dumond story was a “complete exploitation.”

    “What a sad thing that in an election year, we’re going to take the grief of these people…and make this a political issue, and try to point fingers and blame.”

    Reeves confirmed Huckabee received at least one letter from an alleged victim of Dumond’s, and that he put Huckabee on the phone with her to discuss her alleged rape. The campaign today said Huckabee had received a letter from the woman.

    Huckabee’s former counsel said the then-governor also received information about Dumond’s alleged role in a murder while serving in the Army.

    The new information from Reeves puts in sharper contrast Huckabee’s recent statements that he wished he “knew more” when he advocated for the release of Dumond in the late 1990s. This morning, ABC News and the Huffington Post Web site reported on letters received by Huckabee’s office from Dumond’s alleged and confirmed victims and their family members.

    “I am also a rape victim of Dumond’s,” reads one heavily-underlined, bolded letter to Huckabee from a dossier purported to have been in Huckabee’s files during the period. “Please reconsider your decision to release Dumond.”

    “I’m willing to take whatever responsibility anyone wishes to ascribe to me,” Huckabee told ABC News Wednesday afternoon. But, he insisted, “I certainly did not pressure that board.”

  45. GOPeach says:

    This just in –

    Mike Huckabee has taken the lead in South Carolina. According to Rasmussen, Huckabee leads with 25%, followed by Thompson and Romney at 18%.

    In the Insider Advantage poll, Huckabee leads with 23% followed by Giuliani and Thompson at 17%. What is striking is that if you look (click on Insider Advantage link above) at the age groups most likely to vote (ages 45+), Huckabee’s lead grows substantially.

  46. John Konop says:

    Ron Paul Right McCain Wrong on Military?
    Bush loses ground with military families

    LAT-Families with ties to the military, long a reliable source of support for wartime presidents, disapprove of President Bush and his handling of the war in Iraq, with a majority concluding the invasion was not worth it, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found.

    The views of the military community, which includes active-duty service members, veterans and their family members, mirror those of the overall adult population, a sign that the strong military endorsement that the administration often pointed to has dwindled in the war

  47. debbie0040 says:

    GOPEACH, I am a social conservative still. I don’t have issues with Mitt but think Rudy stands a better chance of defeating Hillary than Mitt does. It does no good to nominate someone that can not defeat Hillary.

    Rudy has said that he would appoint Supreme Court Justices like Scalia and Roberts and I am happy with that.

    My choices are : Fred, Rudy, Mitt, John McCain, Huckabee.

    Peach, you used to be a fiscal conservative, what happened to you that you support Huckabee?

  48. GOPeach says:

    Neither Fred Thompson or Rudy have ever been elected Governor and served their home state for 19 years as Governor and before that Lt. Gov.

    Governors have to make hard decisions with pardons and paroles on an Executive level which Mayors and Senators do not have to make.

    The only candidate who can bash Gov. Huckabee on this issue is Gov. Romney…. and he is laying low because his record could be extorted also.

  49. GOPeach says:


    I agree with you on Fred, Mitt, and McCain. forthe obvious reasons that they are pro-life.

    Rudy would have to convince the PRO-LIFE base of his political duplicity ( like John Edwards) – He is PERSONALLY pro-life but POLITICALLY pro choice… Is that a “bait and switch” for the swing voters? It seems to be telling the base that they no longer matter. It tells the base to stay home and let the moderates run the country with all the swing voters.

    That is a gamble… with high stakes.

    The contrast is not strong enough between Hillary and Rudy.

    Fred…is a strong conservative… But I do not think he can get anyone off the fence to vote Republican… and I am not sure he can pull soft democrats our way either.

    Just my thoughts.

  50. debbie0040 says:

    As far as the clemency, compare Huckabee to other Governors and the clemencies they granted:

    Here is a quote from the article,”Gov. Huckabee is on a roll: He has freed more convicts than all of his recent predecessors combined

  51. John Konop says:

    Huckabee Two to One Lead?

    Mitt who? And what is that guys name from New York? If Huckabee wins and Ron Paul does better than Rudy, Fred and McCain what does that say about the GOP?

    NW-The new NEWSWEEK poll shows the former Arkansas governor now has a two-to-one lead over Romney, while Barack improves against Hillary.

    Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has vaulted over his major GOP challengers to take a commanding lead in the race to win the Iowa caucuses, while Barack Obama continues to edge ahead of Hillary Clinton among Democrats likely to participate, a new NEWSWEEK poll shows.

    The most dramatic result to come out of the poll, which is based on telephone interviews with 1,408 registered Iowa voters on Dec. 5 and 6, is Huckabee

  52. GOPeach says:

    Something to note on ” Tax-hike Mike”….

    In 1997 he surprised some Republicans by introducing ARKids First, and a year later he decided that all the state’s proceeds from the tobacco industry lawsuit settlement should go to health education, antismoking campaigns and–get this–Medicaid expansion. Partly because of opposition from his own party, Huckabee’s tobacco plan got bottled up in the Arkansas house. So he put it before voters, and the referendum passed, 64% to 36%, in 2000. Huckabee also helped persuade voters to increase their own gas taxes to fund long-overdue highway repairs in 1999. The previous Governor, Jim Guy Tucker, Clinton’s Democratic successor, had tried and failed to pass a highway program.

    Read more here …,9171,1129543,00.html?xid=feed-yahoo-full-nation-related

  53. GOPeach says:

    Huckabee leads Obama by 3!

    Things do have a way of changing …

    All this ” Who Can Beat Hillary?” talk… is frankly a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeak way to look at the bottom line in 2008.

    How about… ” Who Can Best Lead?”

  54. debbie0040 says:

    It comes down who can lead the best and that is not Huckabee. Huckabee made Bill Clinton look tough on crime by commuting the sentences of ten times more criminals than Clinton did. Huckabee ended up with 500 million dollar net tax increase while in office. He did cut taxes but he raised far more taxes than he cut.

    I will concede that Huckabee is good at leading -leading murderers and rapists out of prison…

    What does it accomplish to nominate someone that can not defeat Hillary? There is far too much at stake to make that mistake. Hillary can do our country irreparable harm if she is elected.

  55. debbie0040 says:

    Things do have a way of changing. Information on Huckabee’s record is just now coming out. Imagine the impact of the Willy Horton type ads….

  56. rugby_fan says:

    Watching Rudy on Meet the Press right now.

    Good god he would be an unmitigated disaster as President.

    On Iran ending their nuclear program: we should still have the option of military intervention.

    That sums up the Giuliani presidency.

    Please, God, if you love us, keep Rudy out of the Oval Office.

  57. GOPeach says:

    Amen – Rugby!

    Debbie –

    The statements you made about Gov. Huckabee will be difficult to retract when he gets the nomination.

    Now …. I can promise you a Governor cam beat a Senator! There is no contest –

    I believe the real race is between the 2 Governors – It’s really between Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee.

    Mike Huckabee, 39 percent

    Mitt Romney, 17 percent

    and the democrats have NOBODY in the Executive Branch to run….

    Where is this pointing????

    Mike Huckabee has the momentum now.
    My first choice was Ron Paul. My second was
    Gov. Huckabee .

    Huckabee is the ONLY candidate who can take it now!!!!! People will see that the negative campaigning from now on as typical mud slinging!

    It’s between ” the Baptist” and ” the Mormon”.

    On the Dem side… it’s between ” the Woman” and “the Black”.

    Religion, Gender, Race….. who will it be?

  58. GOPeach says:


    Fred threw his hat in the ring too late. Gov. Huckabee had already been on TBN for a year talking about running. He was building a base. The others ignore the Pro-Life Christian Base….

    They are schmoozing Hollywood.
    They are schmoozing Capitalists.
    They are schmoozing The Mob.

    Ignoring the Christian Vote…. they know that they have been seen as expendable. Well… that is about to change!

    Even Christian Democrats are tired of being ignored in Washington! They are going with Gov. Huckabee.

  59. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Is Ralph with Romney? I heard he was with Rudy.

    Knowing Ralph- He will go with the big guys!

    Heh — too right, GOPeach — both as a way of compensating for something ( πŸ˜‰ ) and because, well, power and cashmoney are powerful lures.

    Good call by Romney’s campaign, by the way, hiring as state director a kid whose campaign experience is working on two teams which pathetically lost elections in which they were heavy favorites. That expertise should help Romney along in what he’s going to do in GA — namely, go down in magnificently bright flames.

  60. John Konop says:


    Did you see this?

    Rudy Protects Mistress?

    Hey Rudy why not try not cheating on your wife?

    HP-Giuliani: If I Have A Presidential Mistress, She Will Get Security Too!

    In a hypothetical Rudy Giuliani administration, the president

  61. IndyInjun says:

    For the fiscal conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and independents, Hucksterbee is figuratively resignatio ad infernum.

    We want to END the most corrupt administration in USA history, not replace it with another.

    We want a REPUBLICAN who honors no tax increase or no new tax pledges, not Taxabee, who begged the Arkansas legislature for new taxes and tax increases

    We want and end to an administration who destroys evidence in its quest for maximum secrecy, not replace it with one who destroyed every executive office computer to hide the truth.

    After getting rid of one First Couple who raided the White House furnishings, we don’t want another even more avaricious pair who took $70,000 worth on their last gig.

    We are too frightened from the experience of the current Potus who attributes his actions to being guided by the Almighty to replace him with another for whom his personal decisions are inherently holy.

    As dim a view as we take toward homosexual culture, we want to treat AIDS victims with the compassion that Jesus showed the leper, not quarantine them like Hucksterbee.

    Fortunately Hucksterbee caught fire with time enough to throw a LOT of the cold water of reality on the fickle flames, for otherwise the fire consuming the GOP will leave it with nothing but ashes in 2008.

    We ain’t buying Hucksterbee for one instant. No one else should either.

  62. debbie0040 says:

    I think the nomination of Huckabee will doom the GOP in November.

    I am a Christian conservative and I do not support Huckabee. I would support Fred, Rudy, Mitt and John McCain before Huckabee.

    Peach, the things you have said about Fred, Fred’s wife, Rudy and Mitt will be hard to retract once Huckabee loses the nomination.

    Religious fundamentalists don’t have enough votes to elect a President by themselves. It takes broader appeal and that is something Huckabee does not have.

    Illegal Immigration is a huge issue and Huckabee’s past record shows him in sync with President Bush on that issue.

  63. John Konop says:


    I think the more Romney talks he just drives people to Huckabee. He was smart to pick a fight with Romney who has a different position every week. Also Huckabee does not come off slick like Romney. Also at the same time Rudy is hit with scandal of the day.

    I do think Rudy and Romney falling down will help Ron Paul. As more people find out that Rudy is not a fiscal conservative that vote will swing toward Paul if he surges in New Hampshire.

    This could be a race between Huckabee and Paul.

  64. Jeff Emanuel says:

    John, as ever, the only “Fact” here is the fact of your incoherence.

    English is your friend. Actually, scratch that — English clearly hates you as much as you hate it, and what would you expect in return for the constant butchering that you commit against the rest of our native language?

  65. GOPeach says:


    I do not plan to support Rudy EVER! Like I said… I will write in Ron Paul’s name first.

    Also… I never said anything about FRED except he looked like a catfish and he needed to take Jeri shopping to Brooks Brothers instead of Frederick’s of Hollywood …

    But then… he could be FREDerick of Hollywood! πŸ™‚

    I have said nothing bad about Mitt Romney except he wears too much hair spray and maybe he needed to learn how to chew tobacco or some other kind of good red neck vice… something to get the “sissy” thing off of him.

  66. GOPeach says:

    Let’s see if we can guess everyone’s favorite music –

    Ron Paul – 70’s Anti-War Songs

    Mike Huckbee – Lynard Skynard

    Fred Thompson – TV Show Theme Songs

    Mitt Romney – Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    John McCain – Patriotic Anthems

    Rudy Giluiani – Frank Sanatra

  67. John Konop says:

    Jeff Emanuel

    In business we do not pay much for grammar check! We are more into results in the real world. Do not tell anyone but in my business we clean up paper work and still pay the re-sellers. That is why dyslexic people like me can be the boss. As usual you always go personal and avoid the issues. Anything outside of a talking point has always been a problem for you.


    Are you also for tax payers paying for Rudy

  68. Jeff Emanuel says:

    John, two things: (1) When have I ever mentioned Rudy? You shout these same incoherent and non sequitur questions at everybody you can as they drive by, and then accuse those smart enough to ignore you of tacitly saying something that they weren’t even talking or thinking about. How pathetic is that?


    In business we do not pay much for grammar check! We are more into results in the real world. Do not tell anyone but in my business we clean up paper work and still pay the re-sellers.

    What is it you think I do for a living?

  69. John Konop says:



    Debbie was ripping Huckabee for ethics and spending while supporting Rudy. How is my post not relevant?

    I have no idea what you do for a living, from reading your comments I a guessing you are not a business executive.

  70. GOPeach says:

    Please sing to the tune of “Jingle Bells”

    New Hamphire’s in the snow
    Folks are being schmoozed
    Campaigns on the go
    Someone’s bound to loose
    Polls on daily news
    Bloggers typing fast
    Top tier has the blues
    Look who’s gonna last

    Slinging Mud Slinging Mud
    Slinging Night and Day
    Oh what fun it is to sling
    Some will even say

    Singing Mud Slinging Mud
    Slinging Night and Day
    Wonder who will come out clean
    and then go all the way!

  71. debbie0040 says:

    Peach, the other candidates have had mud slung on them. Now it is Huckabee’s turn. Why should he be exempted, especially when there is so much to sling? When are you going to understand that Huckabee is not the “Great Pro Life Savior”? Huckabee is not what he portrays himself as.
    Huckabee granted 1,033 pardons and commutations in his 10 1/2 years as governor of Arkansas.

    By ANDREW DeMILLO, Associated Press Writer
    Mon Dec 10, 3:10 AM ET

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee had a hand in twice as many pardons and commutations as his three predecessors combined.

    The case he’s asked about most concerns the parole of a castrated rapist who later killed a woman.

    Although the Republican presidential contender plays down any personal involvement in that release, Huckabee granted 1,033 pardons and commutations in his 10 1/2 years as governor of Arkansas. The acts of clemency benefited the stepson of a staff member, murderers who worked at the governor’s mansion, a rock star and inmates who received good words from their pastors.

    “It seems to be true at least anecdotally that if a minister is involved, (Huckabee) seems likely to grant clemency,” prosecutor Robert Herzfeld said in 2004 after successfully battling the then-governor over the release of a killer.

    Whitewater figure David Hale, a government witness in the trial that forced Gov. Jim Guy Tucker’s resignation and let Huckabee ascend to the office, was pardoned after being sentenced to 21 days in a state insurance case. Huckabee complained it would cost too much to hold him. The price tag: $1,200.

    Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards received a gubernatorial pardon for a 1975 traffic offense. Huckabee prepared the paperwork to clear the rock star’s good name after he met him at a North Little Rock concert, .

    During his years as governor, Huckabee granted clemency an average of about once every four days. Huckabee’s successor, Mike Beebe, has issued 40 so far this year, fewer than one a week. Bill Clinton, Frank White and Tucker granted 507 clemencies in the 17 1/2 years they served as governor.

    The most-discussed clemency case during Huckabee’s tenure involved Wayne DuMond, who was castrated

  72. No offense Debbie, but all the copy and paste of rehashed drivel makes the thread hard to follow for the ADD eyes.

    Let the game of dirty politics begin. If amazes me that when some of these proverbial insiders feel threatened they rely on smear and distortions of fact. When they’ve drummed up enough steam they spin the distortion as fact.

    Ever thought about marketing your ideas? That is what I find refreshing about Huckabee. While the others, even here, result to childish name calling, the Huckabee campaign has methodically presented its message. People are embracing it. Thats a hint.

    Six months ago I would have never thought Huckabee would a threat to anyone. I didn’t expect him to outpace a Duncan Hunter, Sam Brownback or even a Ron Paul. He has and now he’s a threat to the golden boys…

    Problem is the shelf life of gutter politics is very short.

  73. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, how has Huckabee been treated differently than Rudy, Fred or Mitt? They all have had negative attacks against them.

    Huckabee has presented a great message to distract from his record. May I remind you that Bill Clinton also presented a great message….

    How have facts in the news articles posted been twisted and distorted? Is it now smear to post a candidates record? Are you saying that Huckabee did not commute the sentences or pardon that many people? Are you saing that he did not pardon or commute the sentence of more criminals than the Governors of six surrounding states?

    Huckabee is not just being attacked by opponents but by conservatives like Phyllis Shafley with Eagle Forum, and other conservative groups like Club for Growth.

    I used to post just links but others started posting the entire article so I started to do the same.

  74. I’m not saying be lightweight on a candidate, but watching the dialogue on here and reading some other stuff, makes you wonder if we’ll ever gain majority.

    I’ve read some of this stuff. What doesn’t seem to mesh with the smear campaigns is the fact that this man was elected twice, with high approval ratings and made a significant positive difference in his state.

    Demagogues take one issue and attempt to malign an entire legislative career.

    He’s still the only Republican candidate that has ANY measurable upward movement. I guess, keep the fire on him. Its working!!!

  75. John Konop says:


    The point Maurice Atkinson is making which he did better than I is you are selective in your attacks. I am neutral on Huckabee, the only reason I posted the links on Rudy was to show the hypocrisy of your attacks.

    On the key issue you complain about Huckabee spending and immigration Ron Paul is the only front runner from both Parties who has a consistent record, yet you do not support him.

  76. ConservativeCaucus says:

    It is fair to talk about Huckabee’s record, both good and bad. He is not exempt from attacks because he is the “nice guy” in the race.

    He did make mistakes as Governor. However, the whole of his record is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, this is how the game is played and this is why we have such light turnout. By the time Jan 3 or February 5 rolls around, we will think all of these candidates are crooks or philanderers or lazy or too packaged or some combination of those.

    The thing I like about Huckabee is that while he is not perfect, I believe he has a record of leaving things better than how he found it. He has a commitment to the FairTax, the 2nd Amendment, the Sanctity of life, to becoming energy independent and to securing our borders:

    Debbie, have you met the guy? Have you heard him speak in public? Yes, he has flaws, but our country could use a guy like him who will not just sign good legislation if it hits his desk, but will fight for things like the FairTax and defense of the unborn and promote it to the American people.

    I respect Fred Thompson and believe that he would be a good President… but I do not see him being the best spokesman for the causes that I mentioned above. In short, Huckabee has a record of making a government work and I believe is not only extremely likable, but is highly electible as well.

  77. debbie0040 says:

    I have met him and heard him speak. I was impressed until I started hearing Club For Growth and Phyllis Shafley criticize him. I then started checking out his record.

    In my opinion, he talks a good talk but has not walked the walk.

    Huckabee is much better than Hillary, though.

    Being a good public speaker, likable and having charisma does not make a good President. Bill Clinton had those qualities.

    Huckabee’s does not have much support outside of the Evangelical Christians. He does not have broad appeal.

    I have issues with Huckabee on Immigration, his pardons and paroles, his fiscal conservatism.

    I don’t want a politician that tells me what I want to hear to get elected….

  78. Doug Deal says:


    I remember many people in 92 were talking about never trustung a politician from Arkansas. How many of those same people have suddenly forgot that life lesson?

  79. ConservativeCaucus says:

    “Being a good public speaker, likable and having charisma does not make a good President. Bill Clinton had those qualities.”

    Absolutely true. I cannot agree more. I believe there is much more to Huckabee than being charming or a good speaker. I don’t accept that he doesn’t have much support outside of evangelicals… there are plenty of FairTax people and others who support him. I don’t think Boortz is part of the evangelical movement and he speaks very positively about him.

    Have you seen his immigration plan? I think it is pretty strong. I would love to have your feedback on it if you haven’t.

    Also, on Schlafly… she has said the two that she likes are Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo. I have heard that she has harsh things to say about Giuliani, McCain, Romney and Thompson.

  80. debbie0040 says:

    I know that Huckabee has done an about face on illegal immigration when he decided to run for Governor. Huckabee knew that the majority of GOP voters are against illegal immigration so he changed his stance.

    Here were his immigration views before immigration became an issue.

    Huckabee commenting on the Immigration Bill proposed by Pres. Bush and the Senate in 2006

    Where are you on the debate that rages here between the House approach on immigration and what seems now to be a consensus approach in the Senate, particularly on the issue of a path to legal status or citizenship for at least quite a few of the 11 to 12 million who are here illegally?

    I tend to think that the rational approach is to find a way to give people a pathway to citizenship. You shouldn’t ignore the law or ignore those who break it. But by the same token, I think it’s a little disingenuous when I hear people say they should experience the full weight of the law in every respect with no pathway, because that’s not something we practice in any other area of criminal justice in this country.

    We have everything from plea bargainings to suspended sentences to probation to clemency. There’s a whole gamut of ways in which there are lesser than the full penalties applied for a whole variety of reasons — everything from jail overcrowding to non-violent offenses.

    To think that we’re going to go lock up 12 million people, or even round them up and drive them to the border and let them go, might make a great political speech, but it’s not going to happen. What should happen, however, is exactly what I think the president has proposed, and that is that we create a process where people make restitution for the fact they have broken the law.

    It’s not an amnesty, and I know that there are some who think that anything less than essentially grabbing them by the nape of the neck and tossing them over a fence, real or imaginary, is amnesty. But I think that’s ridiculous. And whether it’s Patrick Kennedy, Rush Limbaugh, or an illegal immigrant, there ought to be some rationality in how we apply our law. We do that every day.

    During the legislation session, Huckabee criticized an immigration bill by Republican senators Jim Holt of Springdale and Denny Altes of Fort Smith as un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life.

    Senate Bill 206, which died in the Senate, would have required proof of citizenship to register to vote and also force state agencies to report suspected cases of people living in the country illegally. Holt, R-Springdale, replied later to Huckabee’s comments that Christian charity does not include turning a blind eye to lawbreaking.

    The Republican governor, who many believe will run for president in 2008, also backed legislation that would have opened the door for illegal immigrants in Arkansas to receive college scholarships.

    House Bill 1525 by Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, was approved by the House but eventually failed in the Senate. Huckabee reiterated Wednesday that he believes every child, regardless of their parent’s immigration status, should have an opportunity to receive an education in the U.S.

    “I … believe that an education for every child is the most important single factor to give everyone to be their very best,” he said.

    I think that Huckabee has played this very smartly. He knows he is going to face flack about his record so he agressively seeks out the support of several special interest groups. Those groups being Fair Tax and the Pro Life Evangelicals.

    Thompson received the support of the National Right to Life Group .

  81. ConservativeCaucus says:


    I respectfully disagree. You seem to suggest that Huckabee is changing his stance only to get elected. I submit that he has studied the issue at much more depth than he did as Governor of a land-locked state. He has studied, heard from the American people and come out for strong border enforcement, a crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants and empowering local authorities to do their job.

    Debbie, I still have not gotten your take on his plan… is it good or is it soft?

  82. debbie0040 says:

    There are two Mike Huckabees. One that was Governor and supported the Senate Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill last year that the American voted reacted very negatively to .

    Then there is the Mike Huckabee that has suddenly become tough on illegal immigration, crime and a fiscal conservative when he decided to run for President.

    How do we know which Mike Huckabee will be in the Whitehouse?

  83. debbie0040 says:

    To Quote Gov. Huckabee, “I am all for on the road to Damascus conversions, it is the on the road to DesMoines conversions I am leary of.”

  84. ConservativeCaucus says:


    Is there a reason that you still have not answered my question regarding his plan?

    I understand that you don’t want him to be the nominee… I get it. And that you hope that by repeating that he is weak on crime, fiscal policy and immigration, that it will make it so.

    Let me address those one by one:
    1. Crime – like the former mayor of NY, Huckabee lays claim to the fact that crime went down during his tenure as Governor. He also oversaw, in a small state, the execution of 16 convicted murderers. I know that it is fashionable to point out that he commuted several hundred sentences – the vast majority of which were sentences that were altered to include the possibility of parole. I don’t believe he ever provided clemency to the violent offenders that others would have us believe.

    2. Fiscal policy: As Governor, he was able to cut taxes and fees 94 times, including the first broad-based tax cut in Arkansas history – and that was with a 90% Democrat legislature. He admittedly raised some taxes – some of which was court-ordered, others approved by 80% of Arkansans. I don’t claim that he has a perfect rating here, but please note that Club for Growth and Cato would have attacked Ronald Reagan for his record as Governor as well. Huckabee has pledged not to raise taxes by signing the Americans for Tax Reform pledge.

    3. That brings us to immigration. Do I perceive that he is now stronger on the border issues than he was 2 years ago? Yes. Are the other four candidates stronger than they were 2 years ago – you bet! If you are a border enforcement person – go with Tancredo or Hunter. Giuliani’s record here is not good as is Romney’s. I won’t even address McCain here. Thompson, due to the fact that he has very little record in the Senate and was not around when this issue became hot (although otherwise his Senate record is very close to John McCain’s – including being a major supporter of McCain-Feingold), has the ability to claim that he is tough on border enforcement.

    Huckabee is not perfect. None of them are. But I don’t see how you (someone who I understand to be a strong proponent of border enforcement and a strong pro-life advocate) can say that you prefer Giuliani, McCain, and Romney before Huckabee. I understand how you support Thompson – I considered it – but how could those other three be higher than Huckabee in your book?

    Please do comment on Huckabee’s immigration plan:

  85. debbie0040 says:

    I think Huckabee has a good immigration plan. I think this was a result of a “road to DesMoines” converison. The bottom line I think he is just using it to get elected then will do a turn about once he is elected. Just a year ago he strongly supported the Senate/Whitehouse Immigration Amnesty plan and even condoned apath to citizenship for illegal aliens.

    Giuliani, McCain and Romney have a greater chance of defeating Hillary. Giulliani and McCain did not do a complete 180 with regard to their views. With them what you see is what you get. Romney did but he has a better chance of defeating Hillary than Huckabee does.

    1. Crime Huckabee commuted far more than several hundred sentences so please get the facts straight. The total is 1,033 commutations and pardons. He had a higher rate than Governors in six states combined during that time period. His rate was ten times higher than that of Bill Clinton. He did provide clemency to violent offenders, if you call murders violent offenders.

    James Maxwell, who killed a pastor of the Church of God in Arkansas. Maxwell worked at the Governor’s Mansion when Huckabee announced his intent to reduce his prison sentence.

    _Samuel W. Taylor, convicted on a drug charge. A prosecutor said the man had told him Taylor’s sister had gone to school with Huckabee. Huckabee said the sister didn’t influence the decision. Taylor subsequently was arrested on another drug charge.

    _Donald W. Clark, convicted of theft. Huckabee’s pastor recommended leniency for Clark, whose stepmother worked on Huckabee’s gubernatorial staff.

    _Robert A. Arnold Jr., who was convicted of killing his father-in-law. Arnold’s father, a former mayor of Hope, Huckabee’s hometown, said he was a casual friend of the governor.

    _A pastor who promoted Huckabee among blacks urged the governor to grant clemency to John Henry Claiborne, who was sentenced to 100 years for a 1994 armed robbery, according to a 2004 report in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Huckabee made Claiborne eligible for parole after receiving a letter from the Rev. Charles Williams, who told the newspaper he had helped win “many, many” clemencies from Huckabee.

    _Denver Witham, convicted of beating a man to death with a lead pipe at bar, had his sentence commuted by Huckabee. The action drew the ire of prosecutors who speculated that Huckabee’s act of clemency was related to Witham, who was lead singer in a prison band, being a fellow musician.

    Huckabee has repeatedly faced criticism from prosecutors over his clemency policies. And in 2002, Ashley Stevens, the 1984 rape victim, joined Angela McCoy, the daughter of the Rev. Billy Price Bennett who was shot to death in 1979 by James Maxwell, to campaign against Huckabee’s re-election.

    __If you

  86. debbie0040 says:

    I would support Huckabee if he is the nominee. There are other conservatives and groups that oppose Huckabee, not just me and not just his opponents. Roy Beck with the anti illegal immigration group Numbers USA, said Huckabee would be a disaster for immigration.

    Huckabee is just now facing scrutiny of his record because of his front runner status and it will get worse because of his record. Things are just now starting to come out…

    If you think I am harsh in my criticisms, what do you think Hillary will do?

    Once Hillary has secured the Democratic nomination , she will move to the right and change her rhetoric and positions. How can Huckabee blast Hillary for doing the when he himself has done the same thing?

    There are a lot of people that I admire and respect that support Huckabee. I just choose to differ. I am looking at more than the abortion or Fair Tax issue. The future of our country is at stake and I want the GOP nominee to be able to defeat Hillary .

  87. rugby_fan says:

    “Once Hillary has secured the Democratic nomination”.

    It appears as though she is losing momentum.

    I think what is happening with her is the same thing that is happening to Rudy and Mitt in that they never started to get support from voters, it was all the elites and insiders.

    While I think Hillary still remains the frontrunner, she is coming closer and closer to losing the nomination. Don’t put any money on her winning.

    But I think your statement says plenty about the weakness of the GOP field.

    If activists are already trying to defeat someone who isn’t the opposition’s nominee, I think it expresses genuine fear and a lack of confidence in their own candidates. There is no way to win if that is what is happening.

  88. debbie0040 says:

    I was trying to make a point that it does no good to nominate someone that does not have broad appeal to win in November and defeat Hillary.

    I truly believe that Hillary will win the Democratic nomination.

    I work with some African American Democrats and they are supporting Hillary. Their reasoning? They say that Obama is a trap to elect a Republican. They say that America is noy yet ready to elect an African American President, especially someone with the lack of experince Obama has, and they are not falling for the trap set by Republicans. They are voting for Hillary…

    I think Fred is most Reaganesque, can attract independents and can win. Rudy could attract Democrats and win. The same with John McCain. I think Mitt has the money and organization to give Hillary a run for her money despite his flip flopping. Huckabee does not have broad appeal to bring in independents . His main attraction is with Evangelical Pro Lifers and some Fair Tax people. Paul does not have broad appeal either.

  89. debbie0040 says:

    From Drudge Report:

    Tue Dec 11 2007 10:27:53 ET


    Democrat party officials are avoiding any and all criticism of Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee, insiders reveal.

    The Democratic National Committee has told staffers to hold all fire, until he secures the party’s nomination.

    The directive has come down from the highest levels within the party, according to a top source.

    Within the DNC, Huckabee is known as the “glass jaw — and they’re just waiting to break it.”

    In the last three weeks since Huckabee’s surge kicked in, the DNC hasn’t released a single press release criticizing his rising candidacy.

    The last DNC press release critical of Huckabee appeared back on March 2nd.

    [DNC Press Release Attack Summary:

    Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA)

  90. rugby_fan says:

    I think Mike’s charm will be insurmountable unless Barack is the nominee.

    Ron Paul politically should be able to defeat the Democrats but he lacks Huck’s charm which will go a long way in a General Election.

  91. Doug Deal says:


    I agree with Debbie. I think he is Glass Jaw Mike. Southern down-home charm plays well in the south, very well. Look at Perdue. But, the Republicans are going to win the south by large margins anyway.

    In the Midwest, Huckabee will play like he is an uneducated Hick. This will not help in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, states the Republican’s CAN win, and would likely cost Indiana, Ohio and Missouri, states the Republicans should win. Having him as the nominee also concedes Oregon, New Hampshire and likely Florida. This is electoral suicide.

    Also, through in his over-use of religion, he will alienate more voters. I am from the Midwest (Ohio) and I can tell you that people who play the “I am holy” card are not thought of all that highly when running for office. It is not that the Midwest is anti-Religious, in fact it is the opposite, but the Midwest is more sensible and it is considered uncouth to talk about something as personal as religion so openly. Plus he invokes a Baptist view of Christianity, which means the 30 percent of the Midwest that is Catholic will not be happy, considering Baptists tell Catholics they aren’t really Christians at every opportunity.

    Huckabee would make a decent selection for VP, since he would re-enforce the South and be a good contrast for someone like Rudy or Mitt, but as the top of the ticket he guarantees failure.

  92. GOPeach says:

    Gov. Huckabee has said that he would not mind being the Vice President. That makes people think that he would be the best president –

    After all… How many of these Egocentric men would be humble enough to desire whatever door that would open.

    There is a lot to say about that. Maybe Gov. Huckabee could work with Romney… I CAN NOT see him with RUDY!

  93. GOPeach says:


    If Iowa speaks for the mid-west, Gov. Huckabee was not seen as “an uneducated Hick”. Far from it!!!

    He is taking New Hampshire as we speak!

    His “Charm” is a genuine humanity that appeals in campaigns. He is not slick like Rudy and Romney…

    Romney smacks of John Kerry in his persona. The same kind of ” I am above the little people.”

    Rudy will NOT beat Hillary. She will win by a landslide!!! She stood by her man – When Rudy was a fornicating fool! I know republican women who would vote Hillary before Rudy. I say to all the Rudy people — Get over yourselves already!

    Rudy is done!

  94. Doug Deal says:


    Iowa is not Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Iowa is more similar to Nebraska or Kansas, those other states are more industrial. Primaries and caucuses are also not the general election, which is what I was referring to.

    I say to all the Rudy people

  95. John Konop says:


    If you understood the issue you would know the trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA are a big reason we have the immigration issue. Huckabee and Paul have been outspoken about the problems with managed trade deals which is why NEOCONS attack them.

    I know Jim and this is why he would not trust Rudy, McCain, Thompson and Romney on this issue. He understands the access to cheap labor is the driver behind the money that supports open borders.

    Immigration Flood Unleashed by NAFTA

    CD-The recent ferment on immigration policy has been so narrow that it has excluded the real issue: family-sustaining wages for workers both north and south of the border. The role of the North American Free Trade Agreement and misnamed

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