Please stop the madness

First we have the GREAT plan and now we have the BRIDGE plan? WTF? Seriously. Put them together and you have the GREAT BRIDGE plan. Throw in a Big Increase in Government plan and you have the GREAT BIG BRIDGE plan.

What other plans are out there?


  1. drjay says:

    there are many great jobs that do not require a college degree–it would be nice if the vo-tech–job preparedness aspect of public education was returned–its one of the reasons our sat scores stay mired in the bottom percentiles–we encourage folks who will not or do not need to be going to college to take the test-when they would be better served taking shop or interning w/ plumbers and mechanics and other tradesmen that make good livings w/out the benefit of college degrees…

  2. Chris says:

    Doug, I think the Speaker’s point is that our High Schools are all focused on getting a kid ready for college, when a good chunk of them don’t need to go to college, they need to learn a useful blue collar skill.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    I wasn’t complaining about the speaker. I was complaining about Erick. His title is “Stop the Madness”.

    In no way is that proposal “madness” and is just Erick being bombastic and dismissive, per usual.

  4. Doug don’t talk about MY Councilman Elect like that.

    I’m out of envelopes to calculate this on but if Glenn tells the Feds the money is to build a bridge, they’d borrow it from China and give it to Georgia, so this bridge idea might be a win/win from the idea a minute guy.

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