1. eehrhart says:

    Sen Fort; Rep Stephenson and certain members of the Atlanta buisness community know exactly what they are doing. This really is transparent if you think about it. It is really good politics and I give them crdit for having good game.

    The absurd demands are just for show to disguise the true end game. No one thinks for one minute that the demands were really serious.

    The hope is that when they are withdrawn a huge sigh of relief will follow and everyone can then hold hands and agree and the MONEY will flow. This is all about getting away with the structure of the new board. Everyone look at what they have proposed. It is not a PANACEA!!!!

    The so called new board will be appointed in total by the same crowd who caused the probems in the first place. Of course they will put a few respected names on it for cover, but the control will not change and Fort and his crowd will continue with their jobs program and money machine at Grady. Nothing will change except State taxpayers will be footing a huge new tab for the same old crowd.

    The only way we should even consider one dime for this from state taxpayers is if the new board is majority appointed by the Governor, lt. Governor and Speaker. If they want the money they have to be willing to have oversight by those repsonsible to the taxpayers for its expenditure.

    Watch it play out just this way and hear the calls to move forward after the demands are withdrawn. But Hey!, dont look behind the curtain and see the wizard pulling the levers.

  2. mike volpe says:

    I don’t think you all understand the strategy.

    Whenever the heat gets too hot on this Grady mess, someone invariably pulls out the race card, Vernon Jones, Robert Brown, et al do it all the time. It isn’t done to get publicity or to look good with constituents. It is done so people stop asking too many questions.

    The board shouldn’t be chosen by the Governor but rather elected. The problem now is that Jones selects the board which is how Robert Brown controlled it for so long and made sure sweetheart deals wound up at his architecture firm. Grady needs to go through a systemic change and the board wants to privatize it. That is only a smokescreen and a manner in which their finances can be even more hidden.

    Here are the recommendations that should be put in place…


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