Make your case UGA…

…Two things happened that boosted the Dawgs chances at the national title last night; A.) #1 Missouri lost, and B.) #2 West Virginia lost. In a dream world, the Ohio State Buckeyes would face Georgia for the national championship. However, LSU believes they should be in the title game and they’re already making their case to get there. What is UGA’s case for playing in the BCS title game? For the Bulldog Nation, make your case. Who knows what’ll happen.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    There is no case. They lost the east so now they will have to watch LSU or Hawaii jump over them. I remember all the UGA fans at the Tech Georgia game talking about this is what they wanted. How staying out of the SEC championship would be the best thing for them. Well don’t expect a bunch of Dawgs to mathematical calculations. Their losing the east might just leave them out in the cold.
    Geaux Tigers!!!

  2. liberator says:

    The Dawgs deserve a title shot. We tied for the SEC East. We destroyed Florida,Auburn,Kentucky,and Tech in a row. We would have destroyed LSU. Ohio State is the team that is undeserving. They played nobody worth a flip. Even Michigan had a down year. Let LSU and Georgia play for the title. OSU isn’t worhty.

  3. liberator says:

    We beat 8 ranked teams We destroyed Florida and LSU barely beat Florida. We shut down Kentucky’s Offense. LSU lost to Kentucky. Our team is on fire and unbeatable. We deserve that shot and we will destroy Ohio State and win the national title this year and the next three years! We are the Dawgs the Might Might Dawgs!

  4. TPSoCal says:

    One point to be made UGA got DESTROYED by Tennessee, LSU just beat them. LSU are SEC Champs and should get the shot. Either LSU or USC should go.

  5. liberator says:

    LSU doesn’t deserve it as they couldn’t beat us now nor did they beat Kentucky who we destroyed. We are the best and then there is the rest. If there is any justice we will jump to 2 this week. LSU is one dimensional offensively. We are better balanced and Moreno and Brown are both better than Hester We Kill OSU!

  6. liberator says:

    Tennesse was a fluke we would destroy them now. We are the Dawgs the Mighty Mighty Dawgs and while I knew We would win the National Title next year and the next it is clear now that our Freshman and Sophomores grew up quick and are now ready to win the National Title this Year. OSU get ready for a whipping!

  7. Mark Rountree says:

    Here’s a few interesting THEORETICAL questions:

    given that 5 or so #1 teams got beat this year, does it even mean much this year to beat a number one team?

    and what happens in this scenario: if LSU beat Ohio, but Georgia beat USC in the Rose…

    Should a #7 team (LSU) that lost multiple games in the final six weeks suddenly jump to #1 just because they beat the #1? Going from 7 to 1 hasn’t happened in history, I don’t think…

    Or would the Dogs then actually be #1 with this scenario by beating USC, another top team and former #1.

    Many scenarios might work out with the Dogs at #2.

    It’s odd. It’s sort of like Paul Broun becoming a Congressman. The front runner(s) had to self destruct for it to happen, and then he still had to earn it.

    And now you call him Congressman.

  8. rugby_fan says:

    There isn’t one.

    If you lose to the loser of your conference championship game, then you don’t deserve to play for a national championship.

    Actually, I hope the puppies go to the BCS title game and get annihilated by Ohio State or whoever it may be.

    1980 was a long time ago and its only going to get further away.

  9. rugby_fan says:


    I’ll give you the Florida win, that was impressive. Auburn is less than impressive, Kentucky and GT are both unranked. So one quality win, an OK win, and two expected wins is a case for a national championship? That is an interesting one.

    So congratulations, you beat up an unranked team.

    FSU destroyed an unranked team and beat the number two team in the nation away.

    Why don’t we get a shot?

    Sorry, UGA looks better than they do because of the odd year this has been.

  10. Adrian Doyle says:

    I think one element that’s important is when each of the losses for all these teams with two losses occurred.

    Where LSU and all the teams that lost yesterday and last week have stumbled just recently, Georgia’s stumbles happened in the first five games of the season, and since then, the numbers have gotten better and better. Three straight games 40+ games and consistent improvement leading into the end of the season makes the case that Georgia is better equipped to play in the title game than teams who played great until the last five games then started to slip.

  11. Carpe Forem says:

    I wrote this last night on the pick’em thread.

    Four 2 loss teams(at least) have an argument to play for National Champs. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A PLAYOFF?

    And, What about Kansas or Hawaii? The BCS computer is going to have a melt-down.

    Seriously, There has got to be a better way at deciding Div 1A Champs. I say, let them settle it on the field. Let the lesser known Bowls host the first round of playoff; middle Bowls the next round; and the Big Bowls the final rounds. This could all start with conference championships and those that are not in a conference(ND), pick one(like the big 10). And to keep the Bowl people happy, rotate them like the BCS currently does. JUST GET IT DONE!

    If the NCAA continues to resist, maybe some Billionaire will step up and offer $20-$50 million dollar invitationals to the top teams and call them scrimages, but we’ll all know what they really are.

    Also posted on

  12. StevePerkins says:

    College football is a joke… the BCS should just go ahead and try a “CNN/YouTube debate” format to decide rankings. Somebody wake me up when you’ve sorted out all the money issues and instituted a credible playoff system.

  13. drjay says:

    we only need an 8 team playoff–keep the 6 bcs conferences and give the “at large” berths to the highest non bcs conference champ-as long as the are in the top 12 teams and the other to the other highest ranked team–al the other bowl games can stay the same–the bcs bowls can serve as the sites for the four playoff ggames and then rotate the “final four” among them…UGA’s case for the BCS title would be stronger if tennesee had beaten lsu yesterday–i could see either lsu or vatech jumping them–but they are #4 right now so i could also see them and OSU ascending to 1 and 2–and the idea of having to be the conference champ to play for the title ignores the notion of wilcards that are in every other sport–and the fact that the voter based ranking and the standings of a conference are two mutually exclusive things–esp. in a 12 team conference where everyone does not get to play everyone else on a yearly bais and you have round robin victories–like tenn beat UGA but UGA beat fla which beat tenn and UGA beat ky –but ky beat lsu etc…its difficult to compare the individuals not quite head to head wins and losses in a confernece so full of very good teams…

  14. Romegaguy says:

    Playoffs are the only answer. Maybe if Paul Broun gets sworn in he can work on it to help out UGA and the entire Div 1A football universe.

  15. Icarus says:

    There really are only two points in UGA’s favor:

    1) Precedent. Nebraska played for the BCS championship after the 2001 season without winning it’s conference championship.

    2) Rankings. UGA was ranked #4 going in to yesterday’s games, and two teams above them lost. Does LSU’s gift interception from Danny Ainge mean they’re good enough to move up 5 points? Does VA Tech winning the ACC prove they’re even good enough to be a mid-grade team from a real football conference. Probably not.

    That said, I actually do believe the National Championship should be between two BCS conference champions. I’m only disappointed in that LSU’s move to the National Championship game probably moves UGA back to the Sugar Bowl. The last time UGA ranked BCS #3 at the end of the season, we were rewarded with playing a barely ranked FSU team whose quarterback had decided to sleep through his exams and was therefore unavailable for the game (sorry Rugby).

    In short, looks like UGA again will probably be matched against the last BCS pick, Hawaii, in a game that no-one will care about if UGA wins, and everyone will care about if UGA loses.

    I’d much rather see UGA vs. USC, probably the two teams finishing the season the strongest.

    I will also note how shameful it was watching Kirk Herbstreet lobbying for LSU to get to play Ohio State last night. Given that most of LSU’s star players are injured, they’re probably the one team that Ohio State might be able to beat right now.

  16. Mike Hauncho says:

    Should it matter when you lose your game? If Georgia had lost to Tennessee at the end of the season compared to the beginning of the season is that loss any different? I think the Dawgs should go to the Sugar Bowl. The Rose Bowl sounds great but USC is the hottest team in the nation and I don’t think UGA can handle the Trojans. Actually considering the extremely high rate of STD’s at UGA I’m not sure they even know what a trojan is.

  17. Doug Deal says:

    There is no way possible for the Rose to take the Bulldogs, they will go to the Sugar.

    The Rose is locked into the champions of the Big 10 and the Pac 10. When the BCS championship takes the #1 team, they can take a replacemenbt team as long as the following are satisfied.

    1. That team is not a host of another BCS bowl. (This one is not a problem).

    2. If the bowl is selecting a replacement for the #1 team, they may not select a team from the conference of the #2 team, without permission from that conference.

    I.e. OSU being #1 will allow the Rose to pick the first at large pick. The Rose will want Georgia, but the Sugar would have to give them permission to select an SEC team. So, the Rose will have to take someone else. (Unless the Sugar is willing to give up the 4th ranked team. They wouldn’t).

  18. liberator says:

    Rugby Fan Ohio State can’t hold the Dawgs Jock Strap. We would beat them worse than Florida did last year. Looks like LSU will get the symphathy vote because of Katrina. They sure as heck don’t deserve it.

  19. liberator says:

    Ohio State played nothing but pansies this year. Michigan wasn’t any good this year and they couldn’t even beat an Illionois team that would be lucky to win a game in the SEC as would Ohio State. Georgia just got screwed by a bunch of morons who vote.

  20. Icarus says:


    I’m already on record that the Rose wouldn’t take UGA. As I read on another board this morning, they’re more interested in throwing a parade than a top notch football game.

    But with the Sugar Bowl getting last pick (Hawaii), they’re going to need a team that is guaranteed to fill up their hotel rooms. UGA fits that bill better than the other at large teams, so, no, they wouldn’t release us even if they had the chance.

    AP and Coaches Poll both have UGA at #4, by the way, with Ohio State, LSU, and Oklahoma ahead of us, for what it’s worth.

    And it really is hard to be disappointed at playing in the Sugar Bowl. Tennessee, Florida (my god I hate Florida), Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, et al would love to be there, but won’t…

  21. drjay says:

    rugby_fan // Dec 2, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    Or they got screwed by not being a good team.

    Oh wait, that is called the system working.

    look its fine if you don’t think they deserve to be in the title game–but seriously–its a little disingenuous to say they are not a good team–they are 10-2 and have gelled quite well in the last 2 months–seriously…

  22. rugby_fan says:

    I’m not saying UGA is a bad team.

    I think UGA fans always, ALWAYS say UGA is far better than they are, and especially this year when it is easy for a good team to look better than they actually are.

    I just can’t wait for Mark Richt to leave for FSU, UGA has a losing season and the fans still say UGA is deserving of something.

  23. Icarus says:


    I cannot belive you would wish death upon Bobby Bowden like this. You know that’s the only way he’s ever going to leave the sidelines.

  24. rugby_fan says:

    Unfortunately that is the case.

    If someone offered me 2.5 million a year for just showing up to my job, I wouldn’t ever quit.

    Even worse, it looks like Jimbo is being groomed to take over for Bobby.

  25. Jmac says:

    I think UGA fans always, ALWAYS say UGA is far better than they are, and especially this year when it is easy for a good team to look better than they actually are.

    Those two SEC championships and soon-to-be three BCS berths aren’t enough for you? I mean, seriously, is there a team playing better than Georgia right now?

    Here’s my problem … the system was flawed to begin with, permitting non-conference champions the right to play. Then, for the past three weeks, all we’ve heard from the pundits is that Southern Cal and Georgia are the two best teams in the country and that if all the teams ahead of them lost, then one of those teams should play Ohio State for the title.

    Well, everyone lost … and neither Southern Cal or Georgia is playing for the title, but most likely what is the most overrated SEC team in the past 10 years will simply because they won the conference (but couldn’t beat a pair of middle-of-the-pack conference teams when it mattered).

    If folks thought Georgia was so good last week, then what happened this past weekend? Aside from LSU needing a choke job interception from Erik Ainge to survive the SEC Championship Game?

    If anything, why isn’t Oklahoma in the title game? They just dominated the No. 1 team in the country.

    I just can

  26. liberator says:

    Rugby Fan give me a break! The Dawgs destroyed Florida,Auburn,Kentucky,and Tech in a row and LSU lost to Kentucky and barely survived Florida and Auburn. Georgia is far better than LSU. Our offense and Defense are superior. Ohio State wouldn’t break even in the SEC. The Dawgs got screwed by imbeciles voting

  27. rugby_fan says:

    “The Dawgs destroyed Florida,Auburn,Kentucky,and Tech in a row”

    Auburn=Spotty season, lucky to be ranked.
    Kentucky=Unranked, lucky to be ranked as high as they were.
    Tech=Unranked. Poor season.
    Florida=Quality win.

    So let’s evaluate, one decent win. You put on a streak, and somehow that qualifies you for a national championship? What do the other eight games in a season not matter?

    FSU beat the number two team in the nation away, what prize should we get then? Nothing. Why? because you reward the best team throughout the season.

    That is not UGA.

    27 years is a long time. 28 is even longer.

  28. TPSoCal says:

    I have to honestly say that I do not understand why people hate Florida so much. I am a Gator and I do not hate UGA, FSU or Miami. I always support any fellow SEC team playing outside the conference and after that I support any southern team playing any yankee team. I do, however, tend to root against Alabama and Tennessee (bad experience with their fans). Why is UF universally hated? I don’t get it, we are just another southern University trying our best to contribute to the future of the country.

    We’ll be in the ’08 BCS Championship! Go Gators!

  29. Icarus says:

    I think Florida is in the 08 Capital One Bowl, which isn’t often confused for the BCS Championship Game.

    My god I hate Florida.

  30. Rusty says:

    liberator said:

    Tennesse was a fluke we would destroy them now.

    These hypotheticals crack me up. Mark Bradley ventured into this territory today. If you can’t make a case using actual, like, facts and events, throw out something that can’t be proven or disproven. My uncle does this at Thanksgiving when talking about the email forward that tells him Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster and 52 other people killed.

    I could have beat the everliving crap out of Rocky Marciano. You can’t prove I couldn’t since he’s dead.

  31. Holly says:

    Dear TPSoCal,

    I think the correct answer to your question is that fans hate the teams that pose the biggest challenges for them. I really dislike Florida because they’re so darn hard to beat. Good for them, bad for us.

    You can claim it’s the whiny fans or the arrogant team or the snarling coach or whatever, but the underlying issue is that no one likes to be a loser. 🙂

  32. rugby_fan says:

    Adding to what Rusty said:

    Most of the complaints against LSU &c. is that they couldn’t get the job done against lesser opponents, but that seems not to matter when its UGA.

    Who cares if you could beat UT now, you couldn’t when you played and that’s all the proof you need.

    Sorry mates, there is always next season.

  33. drjay says:

    it does matter in UGA’s case–i have no problem w/ the OSU/LSU BCS game–but the argument is no more or less valid in our case than it was in LSU’s or USC’s or any of the other teams as far as “getting it done when it mattered” goes–we have 2 SEC losses just like LSU did–but the east is stronger so our 2 losses kept us out of the ga dome–but LSU “got away w/ them”–in all fairness they should have let hawaii or okla play for the title–but if it comes down to votes (which it does) the voters should never had ranked UGA as high as they did if they didn’t mean it and were forced to “backtrack” when the teams in front of them lost and they were now faced w/ the possibility of this UGA team in that BCS game

  34. liberator says:

    Georgia’s opponents were 9-7 in the SEC,LSU”S Opponents were 7-9 in the SEC. Enough said ie.. the Dawgs played the toughest schedule and deserved to go plus LSU lost twice since Georgia lost. We will kill Hawaii. We would have killed LSU and Ohio State couldn’t beat Northside of Warner Robins. We were robbed by Katrina Symphathizers.

  35. liberator says:

    LSU got the Katrina Symphathy vote plain and simple. Everyone knows Georgia is far better than LSU. Moreno and Brown are better than Hester as is Caleb King. Stafford is a superior QB. Our offensive line and Defense are superior to LSU. We just got the Shaft as Mark Bradley wrote for the AJC.

  36. rugby_fan says:

    liberator &c.:

    You know how children are taught never blame the referee for losing a game?

    Never blame the poll voters for not getting in the BCS Title Game.

    If you are a good team you wouldn’t have lost to a shite team.

    You “deserve to go” anywhere by winning. Not because of other teams, not because of how you are now as a team, but if you win week in week out (yes, you beat two unranked teams, one lucky to be ranked, and one decent team. Congratufuckinglations, FSU can boast of similar results).

    UGA didn’t so stop whining.

    Win and get in, otherwise shut up.

    Were you undefeated I could see a reason to complain.

    Stop bitching, focus on next year. 28 years is a long time.

    This makes good copy to hear about UGA fans not making a championship and whining so keep it up, you only dig your grave deeper.

    And I wouldn’t be so confident about UGA destroying Hawai’i.

    Boise State and Utah defeated teams that are much better than this year’s UGA squad, proving Mid-Majors are not just walk overs.

    Keep making up wonderful fantasy examples about who UGA could and couldn’t defeat if it makes 27, soon to be 28 years less painful.

    No argument for UGA playing in the big time stands up to objective scrutiny.

  37. Icarus says:

    Well, while I do have a problem with dropping in the final BCS rankings when two of the three teams ahead of us lost, We lost our chance to be there when we lost the chance to play in the SEC championship game.

    A bigger problem now for UGA is keeping the players “up” for playing the team no-one wants to play, Hawaii.

    Generally, when teams complain about their bowl pick, they end up losing the game. Let’s hope Richt has at least one more motivational trick up his sleeve this season.

  38. TPSoCal says:


    I knew it might confuse some, but I meant next football season 2008. Sorry for the confusion.

    My god I love Florida. 🙂

  39. rugby_fan says:

    And it is LSU vs OSU for the BCS.

    UGA=Coulda, woulda shoulda, waaa waaa waaa.

    There is your new fight song.

    28 years is a long time.

    Hawai’i wins the Sugar Bowl.

    You puppies managed to get drawn against the only genuinely hot team in the nation.

    The undefeated (remember, that means beating teams you should have defeated) Warriors of Hawai’i.

  40. Jen says:


    Please shut the f-ck up. It’s clear from your comments on this thread that you haven’t really watched any UGA football this year, nor any other teams.

    Georgia’s SOS was 21st and LSU was 26th, not much of difference when we played 5 common opponents this year (Bama, Auburn, UT, Florida and Kentucky).

    And to argue that LSU was voted up because of Katrina sympathy is ridiculous and an embarassment.

    Furthermore, it’s not a foregone conclusion that we will “kill” Hawaii, despite their SOS of 118 our 119 (damn). We’re gonna have to cover the hell out of their WRs. Anyone who says a “killing” is destined to happen doesn’t remember Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl last year or hm, wasn’t Georgia a 14 point favorite in this year’s UT game?

    Be happy that we’re going to the Sugar (without winning the SECCG) and not the Chik-fil-a Bowl.

  41. liberator says:

    Jen maybe it is You who hasn’t watched the Dawgs. I’ve seen em every game and they are the only team worthy of a national title shot! We will beat Hawaii by 21 points or more. The LSU vote was clearly a Katrina Symphathy vote. Deal with it as Boortz might say.

  42. Jen says:

    “..the only team worthy of a national title shot!”

    And to think I thought you had already lost all your credibility.

  43. rugby_fan says:

    Well, its not guaranteed.

    The terms of the contract are that if he does not become head coach he gets a large sum of money.

    And FSU is not really hard up for cash, so if Richt comes a knocking, well, Jimbo has a nice pay day.

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