Hostage situation.

From a Fox News email alert:


I hope everyone is OK.


  1. RuralDem says:

    Right now on Fox they’re saying a man with a bomb strapped to his chest is in there with at least two hostages.

    Also, FNC is reporting that the Edwards and Obama offices in Rochester are being evacuated.

  2. NonPartisanGA says:

    More from Fox News:

    He let a young woman and her baby and another adult leave.

    The hostage taker is demanding to talk to Hillary Clinton (not confirmed by law enforcement).

    There are New Hapshire State Police Sharpshooters on rooftops and secret service also present.

    Neither Bill nor Hillary are in town.

  3. GodHatesTrash says:

    Gosh – yesterday jsm was fantasizing about Al Qaida terrorists in VT in 2009 – but it looks like we have GOP terrorists in New Hampshire today!

  4. StevePerkins says:

    How long will it take the conservative talk-radio wackos to start accusing the Clintons of staging this whole thing, to show off her ability to respond to a crisis and not give in to terrorist demands? My money is on Monday at the latest.

  5. ToddH says:

    How about it isn’t a GOP terrorist or a Clintonista you jerks. This stupid *&^% has to end. I’ve ran through the blogs and have seen where it was called everything from a staged crisis from the Clinton campaign to another example of rightwingnuttery of the Republican Party. This is freaking retarded and Buzz and GodHatesTrash are apparently reveling in retarded land today with all the other foaming, rabid, idiotic partisans that are sending this country straight to the ninth circle of hell.

  6. GodHatesTrash says:

    This guy was a drunken wifebeating loser and evidently blamed Hillary for it.

    Sounds like the core of the GOP vote…

  7. ToddH says:

    Bill Simon,

    Who are you quoting since I never said “foaming at the mouth?” Do you even know how to use quotation marks properly?

  8. It might have been the “with all of the other foaming” part. As in lumping Buzz in with all the other “others”. I didn’t realize that you were actually referring to the “other foaming” as in they were the opposite of Buzz, ergo, the “others” were foaming but Buzz was not foaming.

  9. ToddH says:


    I’ll allow you the opportunity to revise and edit your previous remarks when you are not in a state of such intoxication. Or, are you normally this incoherent? We’ll say such idiocy was learned and was not inherited by your parents.

    Now I’ll clarify my comment being that Buzz must have bit some of his fellows who have now joined him in the foam parade. GodHatesTrash immediately blames this hostage situation on “GOP terrorists” (notice that I quoted an actual statement from GodHatesTrash rather than Bill Simon and Ray Ray who feel it necessary to bolster their arguments with imaginary quotations), Buzz responds by saying that he’ll join the “game” and states that the suspect acts like an “overwrought Clintonista.”

    Descriptions that conjure up images of Latin American dictators aside, Buzz freely entered a “game” of blaming opposing campaigns and political parties for criminal activity that is more mental illness than political ideology or party affiliation. These same retarded assumptions can be found on DailyKos and Free Republic where assumptions become facts in the blogosphere. Why are Buzz and GodHatesTrash “foaming” and “rabid?” The reason is that they are not thinking clearly, they are so willing to demonize the opposition that they are willing to engage in this “game” and join the ranks of DailyKos, Free Republic, psycho militias, and conspiracy theorists.

    If you need any further explanation Ray Ray I’ll try to speak in simpler terms next time.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    The only “foam” I can recommend to you is the kind in a pressurized fire extinguisher…except where it says to point the nozzle towards the fire, you need to take that to mean “insert into my own anal cavity.”

  11. Ms_midtown says:

    The event was a snoozer, did anyone think this was anything other than a crackpot with a phony bomb? Not exactly Travis Bickle. Terrible day for the folks in that office, while Hillary supporters were trying to pump this as presidential leadership. The press conference only showed the ME focus of Hillary Clinton .

  12. Sorry Todd, I guess we aren’t all as enlightened as you are. I guess I’ll have to check my dictionary again but you did say and I quote “This is freaking retarded and Buzz and GodHatesTrash are apparently reveling in retarded land today with all the other foaming”.

    Now it seems you are lumping Buzz in with the other “foaming” and I can only assume you were referring to “foaming at/from the mouth” since I am not aquainted with other forms of foaming from other orifices.

    Later you denied that you had said anything about Buzz “foaming” . Since “other” can be used to lump together as in “you and all the OTHER blithering idiots” or it can be used to disassociate as in “Buzz is not like the OTHER foaming idiots” could you please explain which term you were using?

    You seem to contradict yourself. Are you sure your not the one intoxicated?

  13. ToddH says:

    Bill Simon,

    We’ll talk when you learn how to quote properly.

    Ray Ray,

    I’ll be as clear as I can b/c it is apparent that you have some type of impediment to rational thought. Bill Simon responded to me by quoting a portion of my comment with “foaming at the mouth.” I objected to this since I never stated “foaming at the mouth” so I was confused as to what or who he was quoting. If he had quoted “foaming, rabid, idiotic partisans” that would be one thing being that I did write that but to quote “foaming at the mouth” when no one wrote “foaming at the mouth” is intellectually dishonest. Are you following this okay, Ray Ray?

    Now, let us conduct an exercise. Please quote where I stated that I never wrote that Buzz was foaming from anything. This exercise is not too difficult b/c all you have to do is scroll up. I never stated “foaming at the mouth” but I did state that Buzz and all the other clowns that walk in retarded land were “foaming, rabid, idiotic partisans” and I made it very clear in a subsequent comment. You still there, Ray Ray, or are your quixotic political ambitions taking up all your time?

  14. Holly says:

    So, if we’re to believe the comments in this thread, are we to take from it that partisanship is what is sending us to “the circle of hell” more than a lack of civil discourse and common manners? Partisanship in and of itself is healthy. If the two sides debate ideas while calm and composed, why is that bad?

    Rather, I’d argue that it’s more of those who cannot argue without resorting to name-calling condescension who are bringing us to new lows.

    This, of course, is just my two cents. Feel free to disagree. . . nicely, of course! 🙂

  15. Holly, it appears that ToddTodd has his panties in a wad and is trying to split proverbial gnat hairs. I’m not sure what started his childish condescending tirade (as I am beginning to sink into) but I must assume it is because he feals threatened and instead of trying to actually discuss the fact that it is only rational to infer that “Buzz and GodHatesTrash are apparently reveling in retarded land today with all the other foaming, rabid, idiotic partisans” means that Buzz and GHT are foaming at the mouth since “foaming” and “rabid” brings forth an image of something that has rabbies and is “foaming at the mouth” as a result of that disease.

    Then again, maybe that is too simplistic of a rationale and ToddTodd operates in an etheral plane that us mere mortals can never attain.

  16. Bill Simon says:


    Apparently, ToddH has some personal experience with foam of some sort coming out of some other orifice besides the mouth.

    However, the rest of us only know of one form of “foaming” and that would be an animal foaming at the mouth.

    Todd, apparently, wishes to take me to task for misuing quotes when, perhaps, I should have used boldface or italics to describe what he said rather than quoting the OBVIOUS conclusion of what he was saying…obvious, that is, to the 99.999999999999999% of the English-speaking world who know what it means when a person is “foaming at the mouth” without getting themselves into a tizzy about someone else.

    Let me sum this up: ToddH = D*ckWad. And, you can quote me on that, Ray, with or without using ” ” ” marks. 🙂

  17. ToddH says:

    Ray Ray and Bill Simon,

    I prefer D*ckHead to D*ckWad, but that is just personal preference. The problem here is that I was quoted as writing “foaming at the mouth.” If the quotes had been removed I would not have had a problem, but the quotes were used for a statement that was never made. Quotes are used to directly lift a selection from an entry and it should be accurate and word for word. It wasn’t, and it shows a lack of character being that the offender will not admit to not properly quoting the author. Bill should have said foaming at the mouth and not quote it being that I never wrote foaming at the mouth. If he had wanted to quote something he could have quoted “foaming, rabid, idiotic partisans” being that is something that was actually in the piece, but once again it shows a lack of character in not being able to admit a mistake. You don’t quote obvious conclusions, my obvious conclusion is you are a “dumb blackguard who doesn’t understand grammatical rules” but then that wouldn’t be proper would it. And Ray Ray, I like your sudden use of ToddTodd. You are most welcome for my teaching you how to properly insult, now your next test is to learn to insult on your own without any aids. Good luck!

  18. Actually what you did is remind me of an old bit of wisdon. As the saying goes, Trying to argue with an ignoramus is like wrestling with a pig. All you do is get muddy, you can’t win, and eventually you realize the pig likes it.

    Actaully I prefer the one about “You can’t win an argument with an idiot. All they do is pull out their ignorance and beat you over the head with it.”

    Not that I put you in those categories Todd. You are probably a well educated person, maybe event a decent individual for the most part. I guess the discussion got a little spirited. 😉

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