Thank goodness.

Andrew Speaker and his TB apparently didn’t get anybody sick. From the UPI:

Officials said none of the airline passengers in contact with an Atlanta man infected with a virulent strain of tuberculosis faced risk of infection.

Health officials from the United States and Canada said test results of U.S. and Canadian passengers who came in contact with Andrew Speaker tested negative for tuberculosis, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said Wednesday.

Speaker caused an international frenzy in May when U.S. officials issued a federal isolation order confining Speaker to hospital to avoid an outbreak of a drug resistant strain of TB.

He had been traveling to Greece from the United States for his wedding and the length of the flight potentially exposed other passengers to TB.

“We are six months out now from the time of exposure and there still continues to be no evidence of transmission,” said Dr. Tom Wong, with the Public Health Agency of Canada.

“I hope that brings a sense of peace and closure for the people who may have been concerned,” Speaker said.

Here’s a tip, folks: if you have what’s been termed a Supervirus, and have been cautioned not to travel (especially in close quarters with hundreds of other people inside an aluminum tube), don’t do it.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    He is a jerk, but the perpetual whiners need to tone down the germ phobia a bit.

    Many more people have died of Influenza than just about any other infectous disease, but how many “heroes” show up to work or send their kids to school while they are sick?

  2. juliobarrios says:

    The whole Speaker thing was over-blown. We’ve got thousands of illegal aliens from third world countries, where TB is far more prevalent, pouring over our borders every single day.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Andisheh: Shhh..we have viral superduper kryptonite in a vault at CDC, next to the monkey virus research facility.

    So, I guess TB is not as contagious as some may lead us to think?

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