Our Charitable Endeavor

Friends, we’re not half-way to our goal in our holiday fundraiser. We’d appreciate your help in providing funds for the Drake House and North Fulton Community Charities. Check out Clayton’s post for the details.

And now let me given you another reason to give and this one is rather personal.

A lady my wife and I are close to here in Macon saw her son gunned down Tuesday night. They were at a family birthday party and a neighbor wanted in on the family gathering. When they told him it was a family gathering, he returned with a gun and fired shots into the group, killing our friend’s son. Random and senseless. Evil and cruel.

The son had two children. An 11 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. Their mother died from an illness a few years ago. They are orphaned and have now been taken in by our friend, their grandmother.

Our friend has also been helping her daughter, who is recovering from breast cancer related surgery and fighting that fight.

As you can imagine, this is going to be a painful Christmas season for this family. They are strong, but the Lord is really testing them.

Talking it over with Clayton, we want to use some of the money from our fundraiser to make sure this family has a good Christmas — to let them know we care.

Please help us meet our $2,000.00 goal and we’ll make sure the Drake House, North Fulton, Charities, and this Middle Georgia family have a good Christmas season.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    A good source of funds from people who have more than they need would be the legislators whom you’ve given posting privileges to, Erick.

    In case they didn’t know, they are allowed by the state ethics commission to contribute to charitable organizations.

    Perhaps rather than using up space on this planet to pontificate about the “evil” judges who nullify their obtuse legislation, they might find a place in their hearts to cough-up some of their oh-so-non-hard-earned-campaign-funds to give to other people in this world.

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