DNR and 500 Pounds of Shrimp

I laughed at this one. The whole thing just seems silly to me to begin with — something thinking the DNR would catch 500 lbs. of shrimp and make off with them.

But, I did learn something from the article I did not know before.

Spud Woodward, DNR assistant director for marine fisheries, said he was surprised at the complaint because a DNR trawler has done exactly the same thing every month for the past 31 years. The monthly survey – the longest of its type on the East Coast – determines the overall health of shrimp, blue crab and fish populations. The trawler fishes the same locations – including the ones off Cumberland – each month and have been seen in the area for years, he said.

It seems to me that this is money well spent by the state to make sure populations are healthy enough for private enterprise to conduct its business.

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  1. Rick Day says:

    Who is the not-for-profit that gets this monthly haul?

    What do they do with it?

    Who picked them as the recipient, and why does this person have authority to choose what NPO gets $20K a month in fresh seafood delivered to them from the State?

    I smell something fishy…


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