Want a quick, effective Return on your Investment?

Then don’t hire the Governor’s Education Task Force. Assigned in 2004 to figure out how best to fund education in Georgia, ETF chairman Dean Alford surfaced this week to say that he “expect[s] part of the plan to be finished next month, with the other piece of the proposal getting done in the next couple of months.”

That’s the good news, if you will. The bad news? After three years, “The task force…still is divided over some elements of the plan…Still up in the air is a formula that will control how much money schools will get for each student. In fact, the task force still is trying to work out exactly what it would cost to give students in Georgia a high-quality education.”

Oh, and “whether the proposal that comes out will save the state from a costly legal battle defending its education system still is an open question.”

That’s encouraging.


  1. Chris says:

    Hows this for a formula:

    n = number of school children in the state
    M = total state budget for lower education
    d = Dollars per child

    d = M/n

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