Vincent Fort Seized and Shackled

Senator Vincent Fort disrupted the Grady Board Meeting tonight and was seized and shackled by police.

Dick Pettys has the deets.

As crowds of protesters began gathering for the meeting Monday afternoon, Sen. Vincent Fort of Atlanta, an active and vocal opponent of the move, was wrestled against a corridor wall by security guards after he tried to lead protesters through a security door and toward the meeting area.

He was handcuffed briefly at one point but was released from the shackles a few minutes later. Nonetheless, the fracas apparently resulted in the meeting being moved to a larger facility, where Fort took a seat up front and remained a vocal presence, successfully demanding at one point that the board hear from the public.


  1. atlantaman says:

    Talk about playing right into Vincent’s hand. He couldn’t buy better publicity if he had $500,000 for advertising.

    This is the kind of stuff the will pole vault Fort to the front of the pack when John Lewis retires.

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