This prayer thing’s gettin’ pretty popular down here in Georgia

According to WJBF-TV, “Members of a Fulton-Dekalb group are looking to a higher power to save an area hospital.

The group, “Feed the Hungry,” and others, fear a vote to restructure Grady Memorial Hospital, could lead to the hospital’s closure.

Members of “Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless” huddled under umbrellas, offering up prayers in front of the hospital that so many of their clients rely on.

The Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority will vote on restructuring management of the Grady Health System today.

Others say counties, and the state, should pitch in because Grady is necessary to help the poor.


  1. mike volpe says:

    No amount of prayer is going to save this hospital if people don’t wake up to what is happening there.

    Take the Grady Task Force for instance. We have a government sponsored consulting group and this is after Grady paid for separate consultants about ten million dollars total to find out what is wrong with it. If Grady paid four consulting groups ten million dollars to figure out what is wrong, why do they now need a government sponsored consulting group.

    Why is Robert Brown on the board of the Grady Task Force? He oversaw Grady through years of corruption, incompetence and turmoil. Isn’t he part of the problem at Grady?

    It isn’t prayer that will save this hospital but waking up and realizing what is being done to it.

    Here is how I wrote about the Grady Task Force…

  2. liberator says:

    The great lead singer for Quit Riot has been found dead in his Las Vegas Home! A prayer for my friend Kevin! May he long Bang his head!

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