I will not

Rail on about megachurches, many of which are good, but I will say that I’m always a bit concerned with independent megachurches that are driven more by their charisma of their pastors than by doctrinal beliefs. And this is in large part why.

When a church, any church, is thriving more because of the pastor himself than anything else, there is no one to hold the pastor accountable. And he can get out of hand. Of course, he can also get himself a deal with EWTN TBN (sorry Mother Angelica. Didn’t mean to get you mixed up with the big haired lady who sits on the gold throne, I was just moving fast) to be on TV all night.


  1. JRM2016 says:


    I think you might be confusing EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) with TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).

    EWTN was launched in 1981 by Mother M. Angelica as an evangelizing tool for the Catholic Church. Having watched a fair amount of programming on EWTN, I can tell you that it would be very unlikely that a Pastor of an independent or Protestant Church would be likely to appear.

    TBN by contrast is the rebuilt version of Jim Bakker’s PTL television ministry, without the illegal activity. TBN’s flagship program is Praise the Lord, hosted by a wide array of independent and Protestant Pastors (Benny Hinn, Bishop John Francis, etc.) I think your reference and point is well taken, but I do not think EWTN and TBN should be confused by anyone.

  2. rightofcenter says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Megachurches are not by definition a problem. However, ANY church that features a photo of the pastor or the pastor’s name in its promotion is not doing what God calls the church to do. The emphasis should be on Christ, not the pastor. Unfortunately, almost all megachurches (and many wannabees) are guilty of this.

  3. mike volpe says:

    You disagree. Why don’t you find an AJC article even as close to as incendiary as mine? You can’t and nothing, nothing, in my article is false. Every single part of my article is triple sourced.

    If he is treated tough as you allude, how does he wind up running for U.S. Senate after all of the corruption he has been so close to?

  4. mike volpe says:

    yes, anyone can run, however how does someone who wound up on the police blotter six times for such things as rape and assault actually lead in the primaries.

    Why do his run ins with the law wind up buried deep in the back of the AJC? Did you ever ask yourself that? Where I come from when a high profile politician gets charged with something like rape that is a major story and whether or not they are convicted their careers are over. How come this has happened six times and he is now running for U.S. Senate?

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