I missed this one

With all the holiday traveling, etc., I missed the Places in Peril list for 2008.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation released today its 2008 list of 10 Places in Peril in the state.

Sites on the list include: the Meriwether County Jail in Greenville; the A.L. Miller Senior High School for Girls in Macon; the Old Clinton Historic District in Gray; the Spencer House in Columbus; the UGA Marine Institute Greenhouse and Administration Building on Sapelo Island; the Trinity C.M.E. Church in Augusta; the Adam-Strain Building in Darien; the Sunbury Historic Colonial Town Site; the Cockspur Island Lighthouse in Tybee Island; and, The Castle in Atlanta.

I’m a big believer in historic preservation, but I prefer it when businesses do it. I like to see tax incentives for businesses to get involved in fixing up places. The A. L. Miller Senior High School for Girls in Macon is one such place. It’s a beautiful facility that the school board shut down, for cause, a while back. The neighborhood isn’t great. But doggone it’s a beautiful building with potential.

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  1. drjay says:

    other than fundraising or perhaps donating materials–as part of a nat’l monument i am not sure how much more the private sector can do to save the cockspur light–frankly w/out some pretty intense restoration, i am not sure she can be saved from a watery grave at all over the long haul–the isle she used to sit on completely disapears at high tide and the beating she takes from 150 years of sitting in a shipping channel and the shipworms that have gotten into her support structure may be too much to overcome–even w/ money and a foundation and materials i literally do not think she can be fixed w/out the army coe or the coast guard and the park service being intimately involved

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