Considering the Ford Plant

The ABC has a good write up on the Ford Plant in Hapeville. It’s under redevelopment by Jim Jacoby, the same guy who did Atlantic Station.

How cool would it be to live at the Ford Plant and watch the planes take off? Seriously. I could sit there all day watching them land and take off.

But, sadly, this won’t be mixed use it appears. It’ll be a prime business location though, given it’s next door to Hartsfield.


  1. Chris says:

    Or Brian, as the PDK and Dobbins residents are wont to do, buy at the hapeville station then demand they shut down Hartsfield.

    Just think of its carbon footprint.

  2. CHelf says:

    Put away the fine china as well. The first few years of my life was where the new runway is now. From the noise, polution, and the vibrations from the airport back in the 70’s you couldn’t pay me to live there now.

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