Congressman Broun takes on energy

He’s got a piece posted at the Georgia Political Digest. He wants greater domestic energy production. It sounds like he wants to drill in ANWR and ditch the windfall profits tax, one of the last vestiges of the Carter Administration.


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    I’ll say one thing that drives me nuts is the fact we can’t drill for natural gas off the coast of Florida. Fidel Castro is tapping into the same reserves and can’t believe his good fortune while our domestic natural gas reserves dwindle and the prices skyrocket.

    America has peaked in its production and Fidel is lining up contracts with China on a supply we could be tapping into. China is leasing Cuba’s legal rights to the oil and natural gas reserves and has installed rigs within 50 miles of the Florida coast. Cuba has announced it will expand the operations.

    I’d say the biggest hypocritical point concerning Florida is they refuse to build any new coal electric plants, for environmental reasons and short-term pricing, so they keep building natural gas electric plants – which are cheaper to build up front and burn cleaner, but you mortgage your future as you become enslaved to the high variable costs of natural gas. So as the air conditioners hum in their hot climate, the state of Florida becomes one of biggest natural gas consumers in the region at the same time giving Fidel Castro and China exclusivity to one of the largest supplies of natural gas off their coast.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Things Mr. Broun should be more interested in right now
    1) getting sworn in
    2) finding a job starting in January 2009

  3. Icarus says:

    Broun doesn’t need to worry about his re-election. If he’s getting so much done without ever being sworn in, I have to assume he can keep doing that even if they eventually swear in someone else.

  4. GOPeach says:

    Romeguy and Icarus –

    You both must have been smoking the same bad wacky weed bJULY when THE CONGRESSMAN from the 10th was SWORN IN by Madam Speaker.


    Your ignorance shows that “your guy” would have been an establishment pic!

  5. Doug Deal says:


    There is no actual evidence of that. How come the national media is ignoring this conspiracy? It is not fair that Georgia is without one of it’s congressmen.

  6. rugby_fan says:


    Just how do you know he was sworn in?

    Were you there?

    Remember, knowledge is (setting aside David Chalmers for just a minute) a justified, true belief.

    If you were not there to witness the swearing in, you can not say you have a justified belief, and thus, you can not say have knowledge of Paul Broun being sworn in.

  7. Icarus says:

    Doesn’t Congressman Elect Broun want to help legalize that wacky weed, Peach?

    You might want to help him find a way to get sworn in before you run out.

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