>100 Georgia cops arrested for DUI

Apparently a number of Georgia cops have been taking a page from Legislator of the Year Rep. Ben Harbin’s book of driving etiquette. According to TheNewspaper.com (“A Journal of the Politics of Driving”):

A local television news investigation last week uncovered the names of more than one hundred Georgia law enforcement officials who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). WGCL-TV found evidence that these officers sought — and in many cases received — special treatment.Offenders included both low and high-ranking officers.

Habersham County Sheriff’s Captain Freddie Chapman had four alcohol-related arrests and three DUIs while he was on the force. He was only convicted on the third DUI after pleading no contest in court.

“He admitted he made a mistake and he was wrong,” Sheriff DeRay Fincher explained to WGCL.

The report includes stories of an officer now working as a policeman in Snellville “fir[ing] his gun out of his car window and caus[ing] an accident while drunk,” an officer being suspended for one day for “black[ing] out behind the wheel and caus[ing] an accident that sent another motorist to the hospital,” and an officer “caus[ing] a three-car collision after he was stopped for DUI,” among others.

Perhaps the Guvnah could recommend a special driving course (and special punishment for violations) for police and erstwhile state Representatives. Then again, you’d probably wouldn’t hurt to include gubernatorial campaign managers in that, as well — and we just can’t have that.


  1. GodHatesTrash says:

    Even your law enforcement officers are a pack of classless drunken hyenas.

    Georgia – America’s Embarrassment.

  2. Paul Shuford says:

    What kind of special treatment are they recieving? The “first time offender” type of special treatment, or the “you’re a cop, so you’re going to get off scot-free” kind of special treatment? If it’s the former, and it’s a type of special treatment that everyone has access to, then I have no problem with it. If it isn’t, they why is this being allowed? Do some Atty’s General need to be fired?

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