Live Blogging The Georgia Gang

For Sunday morning grins and giggles, I was thinking about live blogging today’s Georgia Gang, but they taped it a couple of years ago, and Dick keeps calling Obama “Osama.” So I don’t think they deserve a moment more of our attention. Back to Facebook and the NYT for me.

But wait a sec… not so fast. Now they’re onto Dale Cardwell, one of my fave local topics. “He hasn’t got a prayer of winning the Democratic nomination. The majority of those voters are Black, and they’re going to vote for Vernon Jones.”

They don’t even call Vernon by his real name (Snuggles), so I’m moving on now. In the meantime, Bill Shipp’s got some hilarious advice for the dirt poor Cardwell campaign:

However, much of the Georgia Republican hierarchy can’t abide (Republican Presidential hopeful Mike) Huckabee. He’s too blue collar and too redneck. He wouldn’t fit in at a Piedmont Driving Club reception. He doesn’t look like big money or even new money. Associating with newly rich hicks is OK, Cardwell, but avoid at all costs hanging around with genuine populists. People will begin to think you really were dirt poor and perhaps even a donkey after all..

Full Shipp shafting here.


  1. juliobarrios says:

    Shoot the Piedmont Driving Club is where all those hypocritical limousine liberals hang out and dream up new ways to assuage their guilt of inheriting so much money. Punish the income earners but protect the capital hoarders.

    They do things like own newspapers, buy hockey teams and talk about helping the little people while be served tea by Mamma Martha and ol’ Franklin. Just like Grand Daddy’s Plantation.

  2. GodHatesTrash says:

    Space, the guy’s blog is called “Dunwoody News Alert”.

    ’nuff said about the excitement level in Mr. Barton’s life…

  3. Rogue109 says:

    “Why such a dull, dreary, little man, Steve Barton of Dunwoody, GA, hon?”

    Of course! Because Steve Barton dares to disagree with SpaceyG, he MUST be dull, dreary and a little man! Genius!

  4. Steve Barton says:

    Whoa, a personal slap down from the semi-famous Spacey Grace! My day is made! Suddenly my online life doesn’t seem so…oh, I don’t know…dull and dreary. Hurrah!

    And I maintain my comment above, though I wouldn’t call it “disagreeing” as much as complaining.

    There I was, looking for some Sunday afternoon grins and giggles, and I thought I would check out Peach Pundit for the first time in months, seeing as how this blog had gotten at least two name checks recently on The Georgia Gang.

    And, hey, there was an entry on the show. I enjoy reading arguments I disagree with so I clicked eagerly, but I was disappointed to get no grins or giggles from Spacey’s dismissive entry.

    Yes, (reading between your lines) I miss Bill Shipp when he isn’t on the show, too. Phil Kent spews fewer rote talking points (most of which I agree with but do not enjoy listening to from him) when Shipp is there. Get Bill Shipp back, Dick!

    Thanks again for the put down, SG!

    Again, all the best,
    Steve Barton
    Dunwoody, Georgia

  5. boyreporter says:

    Hey, leave Spacey Gracey alone. And leave Britney alone! Stop piling on! Spaceyg is cooler and a lot smarter (according to the lame most-recent posts) than any of you guys. Keep it up, SG, and don’t believe the “thanks” you get from Barton. He’s hurtin’, ’cause you hit him in the what rhymes with falls. And that juliobarrios guy! If he really thinks liberals — limousines or otherwise — hang out at the PDC, ask him what color the sky is in his world. Sheesh!

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