Georgia beat Tech 31-17 today, but the bigger news is that the Vols are the SEC East winners.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    And FSU and Georgia Tech can both take solace that this is the furthest possible point they can get from losing to their respective arch rivals.

    My god I hate Florida.

  2. Holly says:

    UK – UT was one of the more outrageous games I’ve watched this season. UK almost looked like they were trying to lose at times.

    Eh, well. I’m still really proud of my Dawgs today. 🙂

    I’m sucking it up and pulling for the Vols next week. Go SEC East!

  3. JRM2016 says:

    Fulmer and the Vols are contemptible. Its too bad sc and tennessee couldn’t have been later in the season and maybe uga would be in the title game instead of wvu and mizzou. Ugh. I will enjoy watching an angry crew of lsu tigers dismember the vols next week.

    The Dogs should be at least no. 3 tomorrow.

  4. Adrian Doyle says:

    Yeah, UK’s defense played twice as hard against UGA as they did against UT.

    They had a couple of sacks against Stafford last week that would’ve worked against Ainge.

    My Dawgs looked good enough today, especially in the 2nd half.

    Nevertheless, the SEC story of the weekend has to do with neither UGA, UT, or UK, but how Darren McFadden essentially defeated the #1 ranked team by himself.

    If he doesn’t win the Heisman, I’m gonna be upset.

    Yes, Tebow is good, but not as good as McFadden.

  5. Adrian Doyle says:

    Not to mention, if I were Alabama’s AD right now, I’d be kicking myself for not hiring Sylvester Croom a few years ago instead of Shula.

    You’d have one of the better (and most underrated, underappreciated coaches) in the SEC and someone who’d cost a fraction of what Saban cost and still get the same results.

  6. rugby_fan says:

    The SEC is continually the most over rated conference in all of collegiate athletics.

    I don’t care what sport it is, the SEC never lives up to its hype, be it basketball, track, baseball, even football, the SEC gets far more praise than it deserves.

    Get over the love fest that UGA should be ranked third or fourth at the end of the weekend. I can think of almost eight teams of the top of my head that have played better throughout the course of the season than UGA. And yes, Florida is one of those schools, erm, teams, erm, should we be labeling universities as nothing more than athletic brands?

    My god, I hate Florida.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    Go Vols!!!

    Loved the fact LSU got beat by the Razorbacks!! I used to cheer for LSU except when they played Alabama because Louisiana is my home state. After the way the majority of LSU fans acted like low life trash when Saban came to Alabama, I cheer against them no matter who they are playing.

    Saban was the right choice. The football has to be rebuilt and that is not done overnight. Even Charles Barkley said in an interview that unfortunately Saban would turn the program around. Barkley is an Auburn alumni.

  8. Holly says:

    I agree with you about McFadden, Adrian. He totally deserves the Heisman.

    As for Georgia, we did far better than all the talking heads said we were supposed to at the beginning of the season. Next year was supposed to be UGA’s “good year”. That makes me smile. If this one was “mediocre”, next season should be a blast to watch.

    Go Dawgs!

  9. Rusty says:

    JRM2016 and Adrian,
    Woulda-could-shoulda. If the puppies had gotten it done on the field, they’d be playing in Atlanta next week. They didn’t, so they’re not. Go Vols!

  10. rugby_fan says:

    UGA is incredibly lucky this year.

    There is no way they are actually one of the top five teams in the country and arguably, not even one of the top 10.

    It’s just that they managed to barely win games against lowly opponents, while other far superior teams lost.

  11. JRM2016 says:

    Vols lose big in atlanta next week. All football fans lose with teams that will be in bcs final. Will this incredibly crappy postseason finally get the playoff system that my beloved furman paladin football team gets every year.

  12. Chris says:

    I don’t know what bothers me more. All you Georgia fans or the fact that no one else is OUTRAGED that the Security and Exchange Commission is regulating college football.

  13. Mark Rountree says:


    Apparently the AP, USA Today, BCS, and every other poll disagrees with you. They all have the Dogs ranked at #4.

    Good fortune is part of sports. The best athletes simply try to minimize the need of it.

  14. ToddH says:

    Mark Rountree,

    Not to mention that their schedule strength was 16th in the nation and they defeated four ranked opponents, one of which defeated mighty LSU and the other is led by the (soon to be) Heisman winner.

  15. CHelf says:

    Considering Saban’s salary does that mean he got paid almost $1 million for each of his losses? I’m in the wrong business. As for rebuilding taking time, Debbie just how many decades does it take? How many coaches does it take?

    And yeah, good thing UGA didn’t make it to the SECCG. They’d just sell the rings on eBay anyways.

  16. liberator says:

    Georgia is the best team in the nation right now. We are the highest ranked and best SEC Team and we would tear Missouri or West Virginia up. They along with Ohio State would have at least 3 or 4 losses if they were in the SEC. The SEC is the pro conference the other conferences are amateurs. Dawgs win the national title the next 2 years and maybe this one also if Missiouri and WV lose next week. We are number one!

  17. rugby_fan says:

    They are the best team? Seriously? If they are so good, how come they can’t even get a chance to play for their conference title?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think UGA is a good team, but due to this year being unpredictable on good days, they have managed to sneak ahead of other teams that are better.

    And I think its absolutely embarrassing that Hawaii is not in the top 10.

  18. Mark Rountree says:

    rugby, using your same logic: could it be that other teams have managed to sneak ahead of georgia (for the conference title), when uga is better?

    that seems more likely. seems to me georgia lost one quality game this year to Tennessee, and had an off day in SC.

    look at west virginia: regularly turns ball over, sometimes up to 6 times on a game. where is your ranting against the #2 team?

    sounds like you’re being a bit selective for some reason…

  19. rugby_fan says:

    Partly its because I hate how no matter what, UGA fans think that UGA is the best team in the nation. They drink so much kool aid I’d be willing to say they think Paul Broun has been sworn in.

    I’ve seen UGA play and I’ve been less than impressed. A couple lucky breaks have kept them from having a record that they probably deserve.

    Yes other teams might have slipped ahead of UGA but I don’t think UGA has earned the right to say they are one of the best teams in the country.

    I think USC can claim to be the better than UGA, as can Ohio State, Florida, LSU, Missouri, WVU, Oregon, Hawaii even, and perhaps Oklahoma and VT .

    Once again, that’s not to say that UGA is not a good team, they just are not a great team, even for the 2007 year in football. They really are only as good as Mark Richt and he shall be headed down to Tallahassee in a few years.

    Also keep in mind I am quite bitter and upset about this season, so that will unquestionably color my opinions.

    My god I hate Florida.

  20. liberator says:

    Georgia is unbeatable right now. We destroyed Florida,Auburn,Kentucky,and Tech in a row. No other team could do that. We would destroy SC now. USC and those other teams can’t hold our jock straps now. We are the best and then there is the rest. We win the national title this year and the next three years for sure!

  21. CHelf says:

    Fact is you lost to the Ol’ Ball Coach and The Great Pumpkin. When it mattered you couldn’t get it done. Now you’re coasting on others’ misfortune. Being at the right place at the right time doesn’t make you the better team. Neither does being 4th. Ask Cal, South Fl, etc. Ask all of the #1’s and #2’s all season long.

  22. ToddH says:


    I call b.s. and that post was b.s. Part of college football with the ranking system is that teams gain by others misfortune, but you also have to suck it up and get the job done. With a schedule strength of 16 and having to face teams from the toughest conference in football, UGA rolled off 6 straight wins to close the season including quality wins over Florida, Auburn, Kentucky and Georgia Tech. Out of 12 games UGA faced only 3 teams with losing records, Western Carolina, Vandy and Ole Miss. Just b/c other teams were unable to seal the deal down the stretch is no reason to downplay the significance of what UGA accomplished in the last half of their season. They won and got the job done when the others failed to do so and deserve their ranking. If others are better suited for that ranking then maybe they shouldn’t have lost.

    rugby fan,

    I agree that UGA is not a great team, but I would argue that there isn’t a single great team in college football for this season. UGA is a really good team playing in a season full of other really good teams like WVU, USC, Oklahoma etc. Out of the teams you listed I think only USC and WVU could beat Georgia and only b/c they can easily match the speed of Georgia. Ohio St. is glacially slow, UGA already defeated Florida, LSU’s run defense sucks, Missouri’s defense is strangely weak and the offense depends too much on Chase Daniel, Dennis Dixon is out, Hawaii has yet to play a real opponent and their OL hasn’t seen an SEC pass rush, Oklahoma would be tough and could go either way, and VT already showed their true colors against LSU.

  23. Jace Walden says:


    There is only one team that hasn’t lost when it mattered, Hawaii. Every other team in Division 1 football has had at least one loss “when it mattered”.

    Let’s look at the teams:

    (1) Missouri: Lost to Oklahoma when it mattered, Quality win vs. Kansas

    (2) West Virginia: Lost to South Florida when it mattered, Quality win vs. ???

    (3) Ohio State: Lost to Illinois when it mattered, Quality win vs. Wisconsin

    (4) Georgia: Lost to Tennessee and South Carolina when it mattered, Quality wins against Florida and Auburn

    (5) Kansas: Lost to Missouri when it mattered, no Quality wins

    (6) Virginia Tech: Lost to LSU and Boston College when it mattered, quality win against Clemson and UVA

    (7) LSU: Lost to Kentucky and Arkansas when it mattered, quality wins against Florida, VaTech, Auburn

    (8) USC: Lost to Stanford and Oregon when it mattered, quality win against Arizona State

    (9) Oklahoma: Lost to Colorado and Texas Tech when it mattered, quality win against Texas and Missouri

    (10) Florida: Lost to Georgia, Auburn, and LSU when it mattered, quality win against Tennessee

    The point, CHelf, is that everyone has lost at least once when it mattered. Hella 114/119 teams have lost at least twice when it mattered.

    Now look at the Top 10 teams again…

    Georgia is tied with Missouri (the #1 team) for the longest current winning streak of any Top 10 Team. During that winning streak, they’ve knocked off two opponents currently ranked in the Top 25 (Florida and Auburn), one in the Top 10 (Florida), and beat another while it was ranked in the Top 25 (Kentucky).

    Yeah, we lost to Tennessee and we won’t play in the SEC title game. Big deal. Tennessee also has one more loss than Georgia does. A blow out loss to a currently unranked Cal Bears team (the 7th best team in the PAC-10). So big deal. Georgia has had a better year overall than Tennessee.

    I’m not saying that UGA is the best team in the country, but they are currently the hottest team in the country and have just as good a resume as any two loss team and I would argue as some one-loss teams.

    Rugby, what exactly do you consider barely winning? Would it be the 45-20 beat down of Auburn? The 42-30 win against Florida? The 11 point victory over Kentucky? The 2-touchdown win against Tech? The 21 point victory over Oklahoma State? The 45-17 win over Ole Miss?

    OH, nevermind, you’re referring to the TWO close victories we’ve had all year against Alabama and Vanderbilt. Yeah, we’ve barely made it through this year.

  24. drjay says:

    if i’m not mistaken uga’s o-line has 3 freshmen on it so its not surprising they were a little shaky early in the year-our non-con schedule was decent–we trounced an up and down osu team–but they are a solid big12 school that beat kstate and lost to texas by a mere field goal, say what you will about troy but they did win their conference and are projected to go to a bowl game

  25. CHelf says:

    Wow. I love how sensitive the UGA fans are. Make a comment that is in fact true and they come out foaming at the mouth. Fact is UGA is a 2 loss team. They did not get it done against UT and USC. It does not matter how good the end of the season is because those two losses have an effect on where they are. What happens when LSU and VT win their title games? In fairness both should jump UGA since they play a conference game, one more than UGA, and beat another high quality opponent. But I’m sure there will be whining about that as well. Had UGA taken care of business and made it to the conference title game, that argument would not be taking place. Also keep in mind the argument that took place all this week on how UGA was in a scenario to play for the national title if every star alligned properly and numerous other teams failed.

    Take a look at the BCS averages. See the jump between 3 and 4. Keep in mind the scenario below.

    Moral of the story is good teams can capitalize on others misfortune. The better, even the best, teams don’t have to worry about that because they take care of business all season long.

  26. drjay says:

    i thought the whole uga for the nat’l championsip was a bit pie in the sky–but to assert that uga is not one of the 10 best teams in the country (as some have done on a couple of these threads) seems to ignore most of what they accomplished this year regardless of the 2 early season loses–w/ the exception of hawaii which does not exactly play an sec schedule–noone–not even the “best teams”– this year have avoided at least one hiccup–i am reasonable enough to concede we should not be playing for the nat’l championship–but i would hope you are reasonable enough to concede we have earned a bcs bid at this point

  27. Jace Walden says:


    I wasn’t foaming at the mouth. You obviously didn’t read my retort or you would have read the following, “I’m not saying that UGA is the best team in the Country”.

    My question to you is, which team this year is the so-called “great team” that has been “taking care of business” all year long?

    I think UGA is definitely a Top 10 team, along with Florida, LSU, Tennessee, USC, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Missouri. Unfortunately there is really no way of knowing which team is truly the best this year because we have a bunch of once and twice defeated teams with no playoff. Georgia has simply made the most out of a shitty way to select teams for championship games and rankings, as have EVERY OTHER TEAM (besides Hawaii) in Division I football.

  28. ChuckEaton says:


    I wish Croom had been hired over Shula, I wished it at the time. And yes, the results of this season would have probably been similar under Croom for a lot less money, but one of the main reasons Saban was hired was for his recruiting talent. To be fair to Saban, judgement needs to occur 2 to 3 years from now – although the loss to Louisiana Monroe was inexcusible. From what I can see Alabama did very well in recruiting especially with the in-state kids against Auburn.

  29. Bill Simon says:

    Rugby, Rugby, Rugby, my old friend…you misunderstand what it means when UGA fans say their team is “one of the best!” or “one of the top teams!”

    If there are 50 teams in a conference, and they are ranked 39th, they can make the claim that they are “one of the 40 best teams!” and still be a “best!”.

    It all depends on the spin…and, most of these UGA fans know all about spin since most of them have gotten their education from a college that “spins” them on the fact that they really aren’t a school of higher education, but a legal excuse to pour taxpayer dollars into building their football team. 🙂

  30. ToddH says:


    No you got called on a b.s. post and now you are whining. Name one school who got it done when it mattered? Other than Hawaii no one did b/c everyone lost at least one game so your entire post is irrelevant.

  31. CHelf says:


    I never mentioned you so I’m not sure why you piled on me in your reply. Had you read MY post you would have noted that.


    How was my post BS? I hate to tell you this but reality and fact is not BS. Who are the top two teams now? They are where they are because of what they accomplished. UGA failed twice this year. They failed against a mediocre team in USC and they were blown out by UT, a team UGA fans are calling horrible. Getting beat by a self-described horrible team is pretty horrible in itself. Fact is UGA failed to beat two teams they clearly should have beaten. Fact is UGA is hoping a few others will lose more than them. Fact is VT and LSU have a better chance of passing up UGA because they DID make it to title games.

    No matter how you spin it, the polls and the bowls are based on the entire season. So are the conference games. Pile it on at the beginning or the end, it does not matter. Note Oklahoma lost at the end of the season and still got to the title game based on their entire season. UGA losing twice and not even making it to their conference game says enough. They are good but not the best.

  32. Bill Simon says:


    Okay, I’ll spin that: It’s called an unpredicted jammed finger and thumb by the Tech quaterback in the first quarter COUPLED WITH a friggin’ incorrect call by a line referee who didn’t contemplate that it was actually the UGA player who was guilty of interference and not the Tech player.

  33. joe says:

    Two days ago I posted a link to Jeff Sagarin’s site. Apparently my post disappeared into cyber-space. If you want to see a site that does not love bulldogs, go there.

  34. Icarus says:

    Bill. Really? The Refs? Really?

    O.K., Spin this:

    2007 31-17
    2006 15-12
    2005 14-7
    2004 19-13
    2003 31-17
    2002 51-17
    2001 31-17

    I would think if it’s the refs after all these years, the 32nd most influential conservative in the country could get some kind of investigation started.

    Also note that 31-17 seems to keep popping up. Y’all should be used to that by now.

  35. Bill Simon says:


    Don’t change the argument from this most recent game…That 2nd TD for UGA was NOT earned, it was given to them by the errant line judge.

    Go freeze yourself.

  36. jsm says:

    I’m with Bill. That defensive pass interference call when Massasoit, or whatever his name is, actually pushed off the defender changed a 4th down situation to a 1st down and eventually 6 points instead of 3. Crap like that changes the flow of a game, even though the crotch sniffers shanked the extra point attempt off the left upright.

  37. Icarus says:

    Every year it’s the refs with you guys. Granted, the last couple of years you leaned pretty hard on the Reggie Ball excuse as well.

    You’ll live a much happier life if you just acknowledge you have a losing football program that is off track.

  38. rugby_fan says:

    To be honest, I am underwhelmed by Richt as a head coach (then again, I am also thinking of Richt et al as someone who was potentially going to take over from the winningest coach in I-A history which affects my judgment), but I am incredibly underwhelmed by Jimbo after this season’s performance.

  39. rugby_fan says:

    And 28 years is a long time, my god I hate Florida, UGA fans think the Dawgs are better than they really are, what other cliches of mine did I leave out?

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