Atlanta Half-Marathon 2007

In what I’m hoping to make a Thanksgiving Day tradition, I ran my second Atlanta Half Marathon in the last three years this past Thursday.

Besides being a great deal of fun (for non-runners like myself, the race atmosphere, much more than a shot at winning in an elite field, is a great motivator to keep training the rest of the year), it feels great to eat all the Thanksgiving goodies that you want, knowing that you just ran 13.1 miles that morning, and are therefore in a bit of a calorie deficit. (For people who love food as much as I do, that’s a very big deal.)

I had to order an emergency pair of running shoes two days before the race (as they so often do, Mizuno altered the length of the one pair of shoes that fits my fickle feet by 1/2 size this year, meaning that I needed a size 11 2E instead of my customary 10.5 2E, which I had ordered while still in Iraq), so I was running in a new set of “kicks,” as the kids call them these days. However, they were as comfortable and supportive as ever and, along with my new running socks, were able to keep me going strong for the two hour-plus duration of the run, despite the fact that my feet were soaked from the get-go, as the starter’s command to “Go” both signaled the start of the race and the beginning of a Thanksgiving Day deluge.

My time was a full half hour slower than in ’05, when I was thirty pounds lighter, was on the UGA Triathlon and Water Polo teams, and wasn’t coming off of a nasty, acute case of patellar periostitis, but it will still serve as a good (and motivating) starting point for my training for the 2008 Atlanta Half.

I hope to see you all there.