Kathryn Johnston’s legacy.

One year ago this week Kathryn Johnston was shot and killed by Atlanta Police executing a no knock warrant. As we learned later, the raid on her house was based on lies and Officers Gary Smith and Gregg Junnier would plead guilty to manslaughter and other charges. A federal investigation uncovered many troubling things about how Atlanta’s war on drugs was being conducted. As Radley Balko writes today…

We now know that it was routine for Atlanta’s narcotics officers to lie on drug warrants. We know that judges in the city rather systematically approved those warrants with no scrutiny at all (the judge in the Johnston case literally rubber-stamped the warrant), abrogating their oaths as guardians of the Fourth Amendment.

Chief Pennington eventually replaced the entire narcotics division of the APD.

Balko continues:

Atlanta is still in a state of self-examination since the Kathryn Johnston case. To its credit, the city is considering real reform in the way it conducts its drug policing. Politicians at the municipal, state and federal level may guide that process, as may a lawsuit from Ms. Johnston’s family.

Hopefully real reform will take place and things will not simply return to the way they used to be within the APD and Atlanta drug Courts.

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  1. Harry says:

    As a consequence of this systemic abuse brought to the public attention by the Johnston case, the ATL red dog enforcement teams have been shut down all year. With no enforcement, drug dealing has become rampant, and consequently almost all categories of property crime have increased noticeably. As usual, those who are most vulnerable are the most directly impacted by all this.

  2. Jace Walden says:

    That would be great, Northside, except for the fact that it was the “cops on the beat” that deliberately lied and planted evidence.

    So…get rid of all of them.

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