1. EAVDad says:

    Did you ask Dale “The Truth” Cardwell? Looks like the van is parked at Underground, so it’s possible he just used it as a backdrop without permission.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Hon, the issue here is alignment of partisan politics with specific media outlets for the pupose of soliciting funds, even if they’re just borrowed props, with or without permission.

  3. EAVDad says:

    Yes, Spacey, I got it. But there’s a couple of different possiblities and if you’re gonna post this, it’s incumbent on YOU to understand the context:

    1) They knew Dale was going to use their trucks and their logos and let him do it or…
    2) They didn’t know and Dale just filmed it in front of the truck while it was parked in a public area (something they could do nothing about).

    There’s a difference.

  4. Watching the beginning of the clip it’s clear to me Cardwell wants you to know just who we used to work for. They only briefly showed the ABC and WSB logos.

    Perhaps his friends and former co-workers are pulling for him but it hard for me to believe the brass would let his use they’re stuff.

    I think I’ll email WSB and ask them.

  5. EAVDad says:

    Actually, there is a difference Spacey. First of all — as far as I now, this is an “internet-only” video.

    Secondly, if Cardwell did this without their knowledge, they are fine. If they send a letter saying “stop using our image” (which Cardwell can ignore) they will be fine with the FCC.


  6. ChuckEaton says:

    As a side note, I think as they mentioned in the Political Insider, it doesn’t seem like anyone is actually watching the videos. If a tree falls in the forest…

  7. The problem here is that it’s bad business and bad journalism for WSB’s logo and truck to appear (wittingly or unwittingly) in support ANY political candidate. That’s the point SpaceyG is trying to make and I agree with her 100%.

    I almost never watch local news. I like Ken Cook and Fox 5’s sports guys so I flip over when those things are on, otherwise I rarely watch. I never ever watch WSB, so they can’t lose my business over this, but if they knew about Cardwell’s video I would hope other local media find that interesting. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m glad SpaceyG brought this to our attention and if WSB actually responds to my email I’ll post it.

  8. EAVDad says:

    I agree with Spacey’s point: The question is whether WSB is a willing — or even knowing — participant in it. If not, then shame on Dale. If so, then shame on both of them.

    It’s just more a journalistic question for me. If blogs are going to be the legit sources of journalism (which I think they are), then it’s incumbent on folks who post to ask a few questions to get to the “full” truth.

    Spacey goes off on the Cox Empire and if they knew, then rightfully so. But if not, then you can’t blame them.

  9. SpaceyG says:

    EAVDad, hard to tell if you’re a lawyer or not, but keep the comments coming and maybe we’ll find out.

    Actually, if you read the PI column this first appeared in, it leads one to believe that WSB had no knowledge of Cardwell’s intentions or use of their vehicle and graphics package.

    Can you imagine giving permission for such a thing if it was your company? Absolutely not.

    So if someone in my company was “lending” company property/brands out for the use of partisan fundraising without my knowledge, I’d have that person’s butt in my office in a heart beat, for a good heart-to-heart thrashing. I’d want to know who did it. And fire them accordingly.

    And if Cardwell DID ask permission to use the stuff for the purpose of political fundraising, and was granted permission by a media outlet, then I’d say that violates a zillion ethics rules and codes this way to Sunday, Internet-only or otherwise.

    It is ALL worth pointing out and discussing. Do you even have a point you are trying to make? You can point out differences ’til the cows come home; in this case, either way it shakes out, both would be highly questionable and worth discussing.

    And I’m about through with explaining myself to someone like you. You don’t deserve it.

    So, are you a copyright/intellectual property lawyer or not? Could we get one of those in here if you’re not one? Because last time I was briefed by intellectual property attorneys on what was kosher and what was not kosher on the Internets, and I have been to some extensive training on the matter, Cardwell’s got some serious explaining to do.

  10. EAVDad says:

    Yes, CARDWELL has some serious explaining to do! Absolutely.

    But your post says “Cox Media Plantation Loans Out Their Work Vehicles”! You’re blaming Cox without having all the facts. Did they loan it out? Was Cardwell simply filming his self-love videos and saw the truck out there and said “hey, let’s use that as a backdrop!”? We don’t know.

    I’m not a lawyer. I was a journalist and editor for a long time. So I guess I have this thing about having facts before I point the finger at anyone. Yes, it’s worth discussing, I agree, but you’ve pointed the finger at Cox.

    And I would say if you are going to be a high-profile blogger, you DO have to explain yourself sometimes. It’s what we ask of people in the public eye.

  11. SpaceyG says:

    OK, now we’re getting somewhere. The headline, the way you put it, is somewhat misleading and presumptive. I am going to correct that now.

  12. SpaceyG says:

    EAVDad, I know you gotta get back to work, but come to think about it, the original headline, Cox Media Plantation Loans Out Work Vehicles, isn’t really misleading, because low and behold, there the vehicle was: in the shot on the video, so SOMEONE at Cox, we don’t know who, did actually loan the Cardwell campaign the vehicle, unwittingly or not.

    I’m just saying…

  13. stephaniemills21 says:

    So we have a guy with a struggling campaign. No money, no momentum, and no chance in hell.

    He thinks, ‘what can I do to generate some free media?’ and comes up with the idea of you tube videos.

    Then he thinks what will make this more than a one day story, get his name in the news, and solidify his credentials as an outsider candidate while simultaneously highlighting his former career. LETS GET SUED!! Bingo, instant rock star like all rest! Free media and it will direct more folk to watch his ads.

    Too bad the story has not played out as planned.

  14. Goldwater Conservative says:

    sorry about that last single letter post. I still work for one of Cox media’s companies and know that they did not lend the van. As a matter of fact, within a week of Cardwell leaving to run for office (having his mid-life crisis) Cox released a memo to all of the employees at WSB stating that it is against company policy to contribute or participate in political activities. Cardwell even called me an gave me the whole, “Your name will not show up on the disclosure if you contribute $199” pitch. Regardless…this Dale the Truth trash, he should not be marketing that image. He put dozens of people in Atlanta in legal jeopardy because he needed a story and did not do all the research. Dale Cardwell is the Mike Nifong of the Democratic candidates squaring off to compete against Saxby.

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