Shawn Hanley elected Fulton GOP Chair.

Via email I received this:

Today, Shawn Hanley was elected Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party for the 2007-2009 term by a vote of 122 to 119. Pursuant to the recommendations of the Appeals Committee approved by the State Committee, the revote for Chairman was conducted by mail with all properly credentialed delegates from the Fulton County Convention eligible to vote. 92% of eligible delegates returned their ballots. Votes were counted at Georgia Republican Party Headquarters today by the Appeals Committee with representatives of both candidates present. Hanley will assume the chairmanship immediately.

“I applaud the Appeals Committee for the professional and fair manner in which they handled this matter,” said Sue P. Everhart, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. “It is my hope that the entire Fulton County Republican Party will come together and unite behind Shawn so we can be victorious next November. The Democrats will come after us hard and, for the good of our state and nation, we must be unified as a party to rebuff their attacks.”


  1. DMZDave says:

    Hanley worked for the International Republcian Institute and tried to bring democracy to Iraq . He spent a year there working with local political institutions but the terrorists and the IEDs were nothing compared to what he faced when he tried to run for office in Fulton County. Fortunately the state party was able to do an instant replay of the tape of the convention, saw that the ref (the convention chair) blew the call and called for a redo. I was at the convention and left it completely outraged that something like that could take place in a Republican party gathering. Thanks to the State GOP, it can’t.

    Now it is up to Shawn to demonstrate that he has what it takes by increasing membership, raising funds, recruiting and supporting candidates, doing some significant outreach to minorities and standing up for the basic principles that make the Grand Old Party a great political institution. There’s the hill Marine, go take it. Semper Fi.

  2. Brookhaven says:

    I am glad to hear that this “long county nightmare” is now over. What an incredibly close race and a 92% response on the ballots-by-mail is impressive. Unfortunately, it sounds like there will be a lot of wounds to heal in Fulton County’s GOP, but we’ve all got to come together to run a solid campaign for our Presidential nomniee, Saxby and for state races in 2008, so best wishes to Shawn.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:


    you are right. It might actually be worse. Shawn has a tuff road ahead of him. His 9 in 9 plan is great and all but it does nothing to pull people together. He needs to stop talking about unity and actually show. There is a lot of bad mouthing going on behing peoples back and that needs to stop. Mike was scapegoated for a lot of this and I hated to see a nice guy be attacked by friends like that. Some true colors came out in the past 8 months and we will be licking our wounds for a long time.

  4. juliesme says:

    I recived a letter from Sean about a plan to help the party and then i received emails from Mike focusing on Division. Seems like Mike’s whole strategy was to focus on deviding while Sean focused on getting something done. Maybe if Mike had actually done something in the past he wouldnt have to campaign on divison and he’d still be Chairman

  5. Mike Hauncho says:

    I find it funny how Mike is blamed for not doing anything yet the people who are complaining are ones who many times have never lifted a finger in the party. Mike made serval mistakes during his time as Chairman and dug himself a hole too deep to get out of but he was not as bad as some would have you believe. It is time for those who took their ball and ran home for the past 8 months to stop complaining and get in the game. I welcome them back with open arms but they do not get a pass from sitting on the sidelines since the convention. Get back here and get busy.

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