Dear Oprah, thank you for the _____

I think it’s worth speculating over what Oprah will give the attendees of her taping in Macon. Considering that the voters just gave Macon the best gift ever (referring to Reichert, not Erickson), Oprah has her work cut out for her. Anyway, post your thoughts.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    I don’t mean to be a killjoy… but can anyone explain why so many of you on Peach Pundit care one way or the other about a talk show host visiting Macon? If you’re not a housewife, or a man with “issues” who hates housewives, then what’s the intrigue?

  2. SpaceyG says:

    She’ll dispense an autographed copy of the now-famous #69 Most Influencial Conservative In America article, of course. Why else could she possibly want to come to Macon? I mean with Duane and Otis long passed on, it’s got to be to rub shoulders with American’s Top-Super Conservative Spokesmodel. Tyra Banks and the worst of cable TV will surely be next. Heck, I hear they’re going to hold an Osmonds reunion at the Music Hall of Fame instead of the Mormon Tabernacle now. It’ll only calm down when Erick agrees to vote Democratic, declaring Red State a fleeting juvenile fancy he’s now sooooo outgrown.

    Pass the Kleenex.

  3. Steve,

    Each year hundreds of thousands of people from all over flock to this community to shop, see the architecture, learn about the rich history, see cherry blossoms and shop. Tourism is a significant source of our local revenue.

    Having perhaps the top rated and one of the longest running television programs, hosted by one of the most respected media moguls spending 3 days profiling our city, is a major boost.

    When people stop by, have a good time and spend there dollars here, we smile.

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