Throwing Stones Too Soon

So, Dale Cardwell is out with DALETHETRUTH.COM to throw stones at Saxby Chambliss. Right now, he’s out throwing stones that Saxby is violating FEC laws by taking soft money.

The problem is that Dale is violating FEC laws, though unintentionally. His site has a disclaimer, but it is not visible. If it is not visible, it’s as good as not being there. You actually have to highlight the white box at the bottom to see this:


Dale, you might want to make sure you get your ducks in a row before firing.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Ehh… in his “defense”, this looks to be merely crappy and amateurish HTML work, rather than a calculated attempt to conceal Cardwell’s identity. The site makes it pretty clear that Cardwell is behind it. Still, whoever wrote it should change the color contrast so the disclaimer is more easily visible.

  2. GeorgiaValues says:

    Cardboard’s YouTube videos do not have the required disclaimer either, in addition to being “crappy and amateurish” as Steve put it.

    This guy has no idea how to run a campaign and that is why Snuggles is crushing him.

  3. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Despite what my “name” says, I can not be more frustrated with what “Democrats” here in Georgia are doing lately; what they are producing and how they are acting. I am not surprised at all that the majority of this state is voting against the Democratic Party and its candidates. Erick’s right, it’s stupid little things like this, along with a failure to stand for anything or do the work that needs to be done, that prevents anything with a D to gain traction or make a difference. And Democrats sit around wondering why the party and its candidates can’t raise any money…

  4. CHelf says:

    Hmmm…what’s worse? A text color error on a website or soft money violations? The sad part about this is there is no rebuttal over the accusations but a “he’s guilty too” attitude. Call me what you will but this is a good reason people are so fed up with politics. Very few debates and campaigns are on substance anymore. It’s all about planted questions, planted reporters, website errors, etc. Both sides are eyebrow deep in cheap shots and spin rather than substance. Shocking that two of the three branches of government have approval ratings in the bottom third of numbers.

  5. GodHatesTrash says:

    Nicely done, CHelf and Victor.

    Saxby Chickenhawk Chambliss is one of the biggest “ethically challenged” piles of dog squeeze in DC, so Erick calls out Cardwell for the wrong font color?

    By the way, Cardwell’s site has been fixed.

    And Chambliss is still on the take, I’ll wager.

  6. GeorgiaValues says:

    All of Saxby’s FEC disclosures can be found on the FEC website…

    There are no soft money (non-PAC, corporate contributions) donations, which are illegal.

    Federal PACs are allowed to contribute, up to the legal limit. Mr. Cardwell once again seems ignorant of the most simple facts of campaign finance law and has fired off an attack ad before verifying.

    I expect more from the self-titled “veteran investigative reporter”.

  7. CHelf says:

    Actually Dale is attacking the corporate and special interest PACs that have given to Saxby. Erick, where specifically did you gather Dale was violating FEC laws by taking soft money? I’m not here to defend Dale but checking facts I don’t see where he was claiming ANY illegal activities. If anything he’s pointing out what most challengers ALWAYS point out that incumbents are bought out by PACs and do more to return the favor to THEM than the voters who put them in office.

    Erick can you please point this out? And GeorgiaValues, I’d expect more vetting before attacking as well.

    Must be a bad day…I’m having to defend a Democrat. Who’s keeping them honest right?

  8. CHelf says:

    Since it isn’t quoted, you have no clue what was actually stated. And since there was no claim of illegal activity you’re really going out on a limb saying Cardwell claimed illegal activity.

    Soft money also comes from non-PAC entities and Cardwell is referring to PAC contributions.

    So again, where specifically was the claim? And please go a little beyond assumptions that are drawn from the reporter’s words.

  9. juliobarrios says:

    That website is ridiculously bad. I know he’s running a low budget campaign, but he ought to find some idealistic tech student to design a website for him.

    Isn’t this where the populist candidates are supposed to thrive a la Howard Dean. I wonder if Cardwell is even aware of the internet machine?

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