I survived

I survived the race conversation panel last night. It wasn’t too bad. There were two controversial moments. One was when a black man stood up to inform us that all white people everywhere were trained to be racist from the crib. I was a bit surprised when a number of people clapped.

The other moment was when a white guy stood up and demanded to know how the black panelists confronted their own racism. But then he wouldn’t shut up and descended into Mexicans taking over the country.

The moderator did not moderate. People took forever to ask their questions and half of them did not actually ask questions. But, it was a good night and a good discussion. There were, however, a few occasions where I politely kept quiet.


  1. Doug Deal says:


    Therein lies the problem. The passive approval by a large percentage of people of the most outlandish statements.

    The fact is, the people who clapped should have been chastised harshly, and their racism brought out into the light.

    Recently, I did some research into genealogy, and found that my grandfather, as a a child, was listed as a mulatto on a census form as a child (he was subsequently listed as white as an adult). His father was also listed as such, as well as his father. Back to one of the earliest censuses of the USA which listed that ancestor as Free Negro.

    This was the male line down my mother’s side of the family. Does this make me black? Can I now claim that the years of racism against half of my ancestry as Black or Mulatto has unfairly doomed me to a less successful existence? Should my black 1/32 harbor hatred toward my white 31/32?

    The whole thing is absurd. How about let

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