1. Bull Moose says:

    Something smells fishy about the lone voter who was disenfranchised from voting. I need to know more about it.

    I had a friend who was previously registered at her old address and when she went to go vote there they redirected her to her new precinct to cast her vote automatically.

    So, if my friend’s example holds, the voter in question was registered and went to cast his vote at the new polling precinct, should have been allowed to cast that vote or at the minimum cast a provisional ballot.

    What can we do to help Dr. Jay?

  2. drjay says:

    i have an attorney–and we are investigating whether the voter in question did what a reasonable person would have done to update his voter registration when he got his address changed on his license back in the spring–from what i understand, he is talking to an attorney as well–if it seems there is something to it, of course there is also the political question about whether i should go forward even if it seems fairly obvious that i could go forward…we’ll see what unfolds

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