Reed v. Shafer

Instead of just dismissing out of hand the Reed v. Shafer rumor like we did and openly mocking whichever person sent it to us, Dick Petys had to get all journalisticky about it and actually do real reporting and call Ralph Reed to ask him.

Ralph says no.

We appreciate the InsiderAdvantage game gang doing the real work. We continue to mock the person who sent us the tip in the first place.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Man… am I glad you posted this correction BEFORE I got home this evening and sent Sen. Shafer a check in the amount of my entire Christmas budget. My wife would have been upset about not receiving any gifts this year!

  2. Chris says:


    A respected Senator and powerful Committee Chair vs a disgraced lobbyist who lost a state-wide election? Only half my xmas budget would be on my way to the good Senator.

  3. CHelf says:

    I think Sen. Shafer could have empty campaign bank account and the outcome would still be the same. No need to worry. It would make for interesting press but nothing more.

    The real story would be what the interns over at the Political Vine would be doing during that race. πŸ˜‰

  4. Donkey Kong says:

    Ralph should run in the GA10. I’d happily support him then.

    We’d then have the interesting situation of Echols running a campaign (Broun) against his good friend Ralph Reed.

  5. Rumors of challengers to Shafer pop up frequently.

    Someone called me a few years ago and said they heard I was going to take him on. When I told the person I had no desire to challenge him and didn’t even live in his district, the person said they heard I was seen looking for houses in the district.

    Some folks have too much time on their hands.

  6. Hopefully one of those internet gossip sites isn’t following me around.

    Another funny rumor was that I was going to get plastic surgery and run against my State Rep. Mike Coan. John Linder was apparently going to raise $100k to fund my campaign. It took me quite a while to convince Coan it wasn’t true.

  7. GOPeach says:

    One thing I know – Ralph does not blog –
    He actually mobilized thousands of people who vote conservative. Not smart to trash him.
    I heard he was for Rudy . If Rudy gets to be
    president, Ralph could get some amazing favor.

    I think he may of had Robertson nominate Rudy.
    Ralph is not dumb.

    I am not for Rudy- but I am sure the numbers were crunched hard and long for Robertson to
    endorse Rudy.

    Ralph- I wish you would back Ron Paul – or maybe Huckabee. That would make more sense
    than a Pro-Choice -Anti-Gun Mayor.

  8. Romegaguy says:

    GOPeach… I will type this slow so it will be easier for you to understand.

    When the guy you worship was running for Lt. Gov. (and before the voters of GA had the good sense to reject his bid) Rudy did a fundraiser for him with the expectation that Ralphie would support Rudy for President. I would also be willing to lay a wager at one of Ralphie’s friends’ Indian Casinos that Ralphie was also hired by Rudy as some kind of consultant (probably for one of Rudy’s companies) to help guarantee Ralphie’s support. Ralph probably helped Pat “crunch the numbers” to find an amount that would help Pat sell … I mean offer his support to Rudy, too. God bless those greedy men as they sell you out Peachy.

  9. BubbaRich says:


    I’m not running for anything. Ralph Reed’s an idiot. I’m glad the country learned to reject him pretty quickly, and even Georgia did, too.

    He wouldn’t change things too much if he supported Huckabee or Paul, since anybody who still listens to Ralph is already voting for one of them. Or living in their underground bunker in their yard.

  10. GOPeach says:


    I love having a [ * ] !!!

    It’s like I hit the “Enter” key by habit without SPELL CHECKING…. I wish the little red dotted line caught all the mistakes BEFORE I Submit…

    I hate to take up so much memory.

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