It’s NOT The Religion, Stupid

Let’s watch the religious right flounder around on the beach of American politics! Unless you want to be merciful and push it back out to sea where it won’t bother us here on land any more. Brother


  1. GOPeach says:

    I think the “new southern political gospel” is…
    THINK for yourself and forget about what the
    preachers say.

    When Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy – we knew
    he is getting dementia. It is time he left 700 Club
    and let Tim ( his son) take over… of course I thought he should have done that right after he ran for president. FYI – I never thought he would make a good president. He was doing a great job.

    Now … I think the National Right to Life endorsed Fred because they had to do something to keep Mitt and Rudy from taking the nomination…

    My bet is NOW the Moral Majority will not follow any “endorsement”. I find endorsements

    Just let the voters do the endorsing! ! !

  2. DMZDave says:

    Pat Robertson and Guiliani. I haven’t been so surprised by an endorsement since the National Organization of Women backed Bill Clinton despite the fact that he was a serial abuser of women.

  3. GodHatesTrash says:

    I hope Towery is right, but I think if Hillary is the Democratic candidate the KKKhristianists will come crawling out of the woodwork with their misogyny and anti-intellectualism.

    The anti-Clinton KKKhristianists compose several groups:

    1) Men who hate women – premature ejaculators and alcoholics, or both
    2) The women who love men who hate women
    3) Anti-choicers (or pro-fetus, but not pro-life)
    4) People who don’t like heterosexual oral sodomy (see 1, above)
    5) People that don’t like working women, educated women, etc.

    If Obama is the nominee, the misogynist crowd will be replaced by the racist crowd, which is pretty much the same group of mental cripples as the misogynists…

  4. GOPeach says:

    Washington, DC ( — One day after National Right to Life endorsed former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, the leader of a national pregnancy center organization says he’s backing Mike Huckabee. Tom Glessner, an attorney and the head of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, says he supports the former Arkansas governor.
    NIFLA, a pro-life law firm which provides legal and other services for over 1,100 pregnancy centers across the country, isn’t backing a candidate, but Glessner is doing so personally.

    Glessner issued his endorsement in a letter to the more than 2,500 pregnancy centers nationwide and told about his decision.

    “Forty-nine million abortions since 1973 is a moral blight upon our land that must be corrected and 1.2 million abortions a year continues to break the very heart and soul of this nation,” Glessner said.

    “Our next president must be a person who believes this within the foundations of his soul. And we need a president who has the moral convictions and commitment to work to end the cultural nightmare of abortion,” Glessner explained.

    “I am convinced that Governor Huckabee is that person,” he concluded.

    Earlier this month, Huckabee said he favors an amendment to the Constitution that protects human life and will ban abortions on a nationwide scale.

    “I’ve always supported the passage of a constitutional amendment to protect the right to life,” Huckabee said. “As President, I will fight for passage of a human life amendment.”

    “My position on the sanctity of life has always been clear and consistent,” Huckabee added. “No candidate has a stronger record on the sanctity of life than I do.”

    Huckabee said that when he served as governor, he pushed for a similar amendment on the state level.

    Glessner has served as CEO of NIFLA for fifteen years and has been in a national leadership role in the pro-life movement since 1987.

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