An additional note to the ‘Georgia Gang’

Since Erick is the 69th most influential conservative in the universe and he lives way down there in Macon and he’s a City Councilman and all, he’s simply too busy to make the trek to Atlanta to be a guest on your show.

I on the other hand am just down the street from the studio and have far less responsibility than Councilman Erickson. While I didn’t make the top 100 list I will point out I didn’t make CL’s least influential list either. I’m somewhere between the top 100 and the bottom 11, and I’m available. I have a few more gray hairs then Erick but a whole lot less than Phil Kent.


  1. Dear Georgia Gang Producers,

    I am writing this reference letter on behalf of my neighbor Erick Erickson, who has attended at least one Neighborhood Watch meeting in the last three years, right before the election in which he was running unopposed for office.

    We can’t say enough nice things about our neighbor, primarily because we don’t know him. Erick is like the Howard Stern of Macon – King of all media except television. Most neighbors don’t even have the luxury of knowing what he looks like.

    But he would probably make a good Televangilist. Will you please give him a helping hand. He does not require payment as he is content having only one abandoned car on his property.

    Thanks to the other members of the Neighborhood Watch, the vehicle still has wheels on it but his ideas do not necessarily share the same fate. Nevertheless, you will be helping Mr Erick’s Neighborhood by letting us know what he looks like from time to time.

    a good neighbor

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