A Note to the Georgia Gang

Don’t hold Spacey’s bitter, personal, and immature grudge against me. I want to be on Georgia Gang. I want to sit in the chair and pontificate with you. I love you. Kiss, kiss. Please, can I?

Did I mention I’m the 69th most influential conservative in America? And you need someone without gray hair and doesn’t look to be on the verge of death.

[Spacey knows I’m kidding, but remember, it was her, not me. 😉 ]


  1. Rogue109 says:

    Erick: When you do get on GG, please get Martha Zoeller to stop twisting the cap of her pen around over and over and over throughout the show.

  2. Erick, you may be labeled # 69 in London but you have thus far Flunked the “Conservative” classification in your own back yard by your current silence that allows the $28 million Forest Hill Road, Georgia Taxpayer waste to proceed.

    But the good news is that you have a chance to redeem your ultimate Conservative Status:

    Telegraph LTE re FHR 11/12/07


    “Bury infamous road scheme”

    Friends, citizens and countrymen, lend me your fears. We must come to bury the infamous Forest Hill Road scheme, not to praise it.

    The chairman of the project says that major widening of the road will make it safer, even with much faster traffic speeds, and the chairman is an honorable man.

    He says that a scar through a pristine residential neighborhood will be attractive, and the chairman is an honorable man.

    He says that the cost to taxpayers is reasonable, even at $28 million and counting, with no revealing of profit distribution, and he is an honorable man.

    He says that everything is open and above-board, although the plans are “not public information” and cannot be obtained for personal public scrutiny, yet he is an honorable man.

    The chairman and his cohorts claim that the resulting climate of confusion and distrust are needless, and sure, he is an honorable man. So are they all honorable men.

    Perhaps the advocates would deny any plans, after project completion, to give it a new name, such as the North Macon Expressway, perhaps with some politician’s name attached.

    “The evil that men do lives after them,” as his discredited proposal can only proceed by main force against the wishes of those most affected, and “none so poor as to do him reverence.”

    C. D. Marlow

  3. Erick says:

    Vic, I don’t know how you can classify my stated opposition as silence. In particular, I suspect you’ll see me willingly lending my name to an effort to kill the present plan as soon as I get sworn in.

  4. Ok, then your only pre-oath sin is falling into the historic trap of our current elected officials by pledging “silent support,” up til now…

    in other words, thanks, i’ll rescind the previous statement as soon as i hear you utter the battle cry on December 11th to Scale back and redesign Forest Hill with a small portion of the $1 million that was set aside to move Georgia Power Telephone poles…

    Said $1 million will not be needed when the project is redesigned. Estimates say it will only take about 100k to redesign FHR…

    Are we grilling out for Veterans Day?
    If so, i’ll take two Danish Hot Dogs.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Dear Mr. Williams: Please please please put Erick on Georgia Gang. Maybe then he’ll stop backstabbing me.

    (My job description is to bait the hooks around this pond. It drives the traffic that Erick can then profit from. And no, I don’t get paid yet, but I plan to shake him down good in the future for whatever I might have a hankerin’ for.)


  6. drjay says:

    i would think if he went on there it would be for the express purpose of backstabbing you–i don’t think we get ga gang all the way down here–this is the only place i ever hear it spoken of–like most things passed off as “georgia” it’s probably more appropriate to call it “atlanta gang”…

  7. SpaceyG says:

    Damn I’m good. No one does bitter better’n me! I’d rank in the Top 10 fer sure. If it wasn’t for the Writers Guild strike, I could be in the Top 5. (Talk about your best source for bitter immaturity — try a group of unionized writers! I ain’t got nothin’ on them.)

    And just because GG has tossed at least one of my many “admirers” off their show, it’s still not at all personal. Bitter and immature? Absolutely! But personal, absolutely not. WTF, Erick?

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