Marshall’s Vote

He may not have voted for SCHIP, but Jim Marshall has voted for Charlie Rangel’s massive tax increase. Interestingly, as the New York Times noted yesterday, buried in Rangel’s tax increase is a provision to allow a number of people undergoing tax audits to get out of those audits. More interestingly, the individuals the legislation targets gave money to Charlie Rangel’s re-election campaign.


  1. ToddH says:

    grift, didn’t you know? Goddard has to have something to run on, something to accuse Marshall of being a “Ted Kennedy-Nancy Pelosi San Francisco leftwing radical Liberal.”

  2. memberg says:

    Off topic, I know…
    But I think a good rule of thumb for protection of transgendered employees under ENDA is “can you tell they aren’t what they look like?”

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