Par for the course

Travis Fain captures the frustration that a lot of folks have these days with the local Board of Elections in Bibb County.

Bibb elections officials went home without posting final vote totals in the David Corr / James Timley race to the Web site, despite specifically telling us they would.

And of course there’s no one there now to answer the phone, and the elections supervisor isn’t answering her cell or home phone. And the chairman of the board of elections doesn’t know the figures.

They’re good people and it seems they got their computers working this time, but it gets frustrating sometimes.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    In the primary, I have been trying to get the raw data on who showed up at the polls, but for some reason, Bibb county didn’t feel the need to send that info to the state.

    It’s been several mounths, and the only data on the SoS website is the absentee and early voters. As far as who showed up at the polls on election day, who knows.

  2. For years, the SOS has gone to great lengths to furnish the State and National Political Party Leaders with what they call “Voter Files.”

    It’s almost frightening what you can find out about yourself and your neighbor in these files. We pay for the costs to accumulate and assimilate the data but it is sold or given to only a few monied elite.

    It’s time for “Voter File” caliber statistics to be in the public domain, in searchable format for the citizens and taxpayers that pay for them…

  3. Doug Deal says:

    In a sense it is in the public domain, but the parties treat it like fissile uranium.

    The SoS distributes it to the press and the parties for the express purpose of distributing to its candidates, but the parties never give that information up.

    The files should be available via FTP and not given out as CD’s to thugs at either party, who have no interest in sharing information.

  4. liberator says:

    My write-in total should top 2,600 tying the state record I set in the 2003 Mayors Race. Hey Vic I like Your response on Morton’s Blog regarding my favorite rocker Uncle Ted Nugent. He would of course be my first choice to play at my party. Tell Amy it’s Motley Crue not Crew.

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