What will and will not be taxed…

Travis Fain has a list of items that would be taxed under the GlennTax. Some of the things listed are even more of a reason to oppose this plan.

Among them are…

    personal property brought into Georgia

  • rooms and lodging over 90 days
  • charges for long distance
  • telephone service
  • sales of water through water lines
  • credit allowances for trade-ins on property


  1. Doug Deal says:

    The first one you listed is a can of worms.

    Do we open a customs agency to do inspections on 75, 85 and 20 and any state highways with the gall to cross the border?

    YAY!!!! More need for government intrusion into our private lives so that we can verify that we are paying every last cent of taxes to the state!

  2. dorian says:

    Maybe, they’ll figure out a way to tax us for the air we breath. Think about it. All these people go around breathing. For free. What’s up with that?

  3. So let me get this straight. No tax if you own your home but you pay a tax to rent now?

    I thought it wasn’t fair to tax people out of their ability to live someplace.

    God, the nerve of Republicans. An old person who owns their home outright but only has to pay taxes is being “taxed out of their house”. But, an older person who doesn’t own their home who has to pay rent should still pay taxes on their dwelling. Got to love Republicans.

  4. Bill Simon says:


    What if some of those items we brought across the border were more bottles of booze? If that restriction was eliminated, I might go for this part.

  5. Bill Simon says:


    You are interpreting incorrectly.

    A renter pays taxes now through their rent they pay the landloard.

    However, if a person stays at a hotel/motel (i.e., “lodge”) longer than 90 days, they will get taxed because they are using local resources/infrastructure and are staying beyond just a “visit” to the city/community.

  6. Yeah but Bill, here is the thing. A renter pays property taxes indirectly because their landlord passes it on. The passed through tax will be eliminated but now they will pay taxes on rent…and they will have new taxes on all the other services that are taxed.

    Someone that owns their home pays taxes now, but it would be eliminated (and not replaced by rent taxes because they own) and they would pay taxes on new services.

    So: homeowner pays taxes on new services, but no more taxes on their home. Renter pays taxes on new services but also on their rent (like they used to pay through their landlord as a proxy).

    Republicans claim they “care” about people who have already paid off their house and still have to pay property taxes even though they are on a fixed income. But they only care about you if you own your house outright. If you rent – you still pay – whether you are poor and on a fixed income or not.

  7. CHelf says:


    Aren’t the renters already taxed for the food, gas, and other services purchased in their community as well? So renters and home owners are taxed for the goods they purchase. In addition to that renters would now also pay an additional tax just for not putting down long term roots.

    Is this a dig at migrant workers? Illegals?

  8. IndyInjun says:

    Bill Simon:

    The taxes that are passed through to renters as part of their rent payment are the taxes on the value of the property. This sales tax is a LOT higher because it is charged on other direct costs, overhead, and profit that comprises the TOTAL rent charge.

    ChrisHC was all over this aspect, but did not quite get there.

    One notes that business rentals are not so taxed.

    Lamentably this deal will NEVER pass and I will continue to pay property taxes in the stratosphere.

    One glance tells why. Georgia would never, ever land another manufacturing plant and will lose the ones we have.

    The legislature found it of overwhelming importance 7 years ago to put in exemptions for cleanrooms, repair and replacement parts, and material handling equipment because other southeastern states were killing Georgia in industrial recruitment and retention.

    Taxing raw materials is an even greater killer.

    Why don’t they concentrate on having Georgia adopt the Streamlined Sales Tax initiative as now in effect in 4 states? Georgia sponsors the effort, but has not put its tax code in compliance with this program, which simplifies sales/use tax and creates uniformity.

    Cut out the BS exemptions and increase audit enforcement, I say, and see how much more tax revenue it brings in. At the same time state and expenditure increases should be capped at two times the CPI (this approximates CPI as calculated before Clinton corrupted the formula).

    After doing this for three years, rebate the surplus to the people as an income tax credit.

  9. CHelf says:

    And to use the same argument used so well at the Federal level against Democrats…this is a new tax since it affects areas previously NOT taxed. Therefore it is a tax increase.

    Does this argument work at the state level as well?

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