What’s going on in Alpharetta?

As of now, either FulCo is posting funky data or the write-ins are winning every seat in Alpharetta. And save one council seat, everyone is uncontested.

I would say that it’s absentee data, but it was posted around 3pm this afternoon on the FulCo election returns site with a date of 10/31. And now, it’s propagated to the Alpharetta City website.

Stale test data? Absentee returns? Can absentee data be posted before the polls close? Is FulCo IT just borked?


update: So it appears that the data is now sane. No idea what was happening, but clearly the City folks were confused as I was. Write-in votes have dropped off to the expected single and low-double digit numbers.

Seriously, Fulton, haven’t we learned our lessons about properly preparing and administering elections?