So um . . .

How come my votes are still pending?

I assume my results are pending because they got me out of order on the list.

In any event, I know one thing for sure — my analysis has stood on David Corr. If we assume that all the people who voted in the mayoral race voted in the Ward 2, Post 1 race, that would be 8338 as of this writing.

Timley has 5224 votes, which, out of 8338, puts him at 60%.

But, of course, there is always fall off. The average vote in the City Council Post 1 races is 6436 votes as of this writing (the average of all the other Post 1 races save Timley). Timley is getting 5224 votes, which suggests that Corr is getting around 1000 votes.


  1. liberator says:

    Actually I will wind up with around 2,500 votes which is 25 percent of the total. I won 4 precints out of 29. I almost won several more. I showed that I can get 25 percent against anyone not just Ellis while not even being on the ballot. Heck Erickson wouldn’t have gotten 25 percent in this race if he was on the ballot.

  2. liberator says:

    It now looks like my total will easily exceed 2,600 which will be 25 percent of the vote. I wasn’t on the ballot Doug because I am a Libertarian and didn’t have time to petition to be on the ballot as a Libertarian so I chose the write-in route as I did in the 2003 Mayor’s race in Macon when I also got 25 percent a total of 2,826 votes.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    How many signatures does it take to get on the ballot about 1,500? I am pulling that out of the dark recesses of my brain, so I do not know if it is accurate, but hire a few temps at $10 an hout, and have them go to registered vters off the state voter list.

    What”s the point of running in a way that gives you nearly almost no chance to win?

  4. liberator says:

    Actually it takes 2,038 and an Independent tried that this time named Ms Brinson I believe. She turned in over 2,400 signatures and enough were tossed out that she didn’t make it. You need to turn in at least 15 to 20 percent more than You need as a rule of thumb.

  5. Doug Deal says:


    Getting signatures on a petition are a good way to get more supporters and to find potential voters. It is a much more realistic way to win an election than hoping more than 50 percent of people remember and spell your name correctly on the ballot.

    If you can get 25 percent as a write in, you pretty much could be sure they would vote for you in a general election.

    In any event, it would be nice if the courts had decided long ago that this hard wired two party system was unconstitutional. I really do not see how restrictive ballot access measures could withstand constitutional muster. If you can restrict it to two, why not only one?

    Of course since all of our federal judges are in reality Republican’s and Democrats, it is no surprise.

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