Municipal election day open thread.

It’s election day in many cities across Georgia. What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Here in Gwinnett every Mayor’s seat and many City Council seats are up for grabs. Snellville and Suwanee have garnered attention but in Norcross, long time Mayor Lillian Webb has drawn two challengers including Bucky Johnson, the former band director at Georgia Tech. Several cities also have ballot initiatives:

Those voters (in Duluth) will decide on a new mayor, a city council seat and a proposal that would give Duluth leaders authority to draw up plans for tax allocation districts, special funding districts in which governments can siphon off increases in tax collections resulting from rising property values and use the money to help pay for redevelopment work.

Such proposals are also on the ballot in Dacula, Lilburn, Loganville, Norcross, Sugar Hill and Suwanee.

I’ll be interested to see how these “TAD” votes come out.

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  1. drjay says:

    also way down here on the coast, a couple of regulars are on the ballot–bullmoose is still running hard in sav’h, and i am grabbing a quick lunch before heading back out to try to win friends and influence people today in pooler…

  2. JRM2016 says:

    Columbus also has a TAD Referendum. Turnout is going to be very light (6%) as we have no municipal elections this year.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    Don’t forget that Rep. Wendell Willard’s wife Vickie is running for city council in Sandy Springs. It will be interesting to see how much influence they have in their district. He is also the SS City Attorney.

  4. BubbaRich says:

    In Doraville, we’re voting today, but most of the crowd I saw at City Hall was the “retired” crowd, not the hip blogger crowd. I’m hoping we can get more voters than we had in 2005 (roughly 600). That’s a very small percentage of the roughly 8000 legal residents. Those facts might explain how we ended up with the Police Wrecking Crew on city council, and may also explain if any of them get elected again. It won’t be relevant to me, though, because we’re moving out of Doraville if Tom Hart is elected Mayor. I notice that Wendell Willard has been very quiet about the Chief King issue since the last fiasco of a statement he got out of the Wrecking Crew. Maybe he’s just been busy with his wife’s campaign.

  5. Doug Deal says:

    I wonder if Erick has any news about the David Corr tsunami of write-in votes for Ward 2 post 1 of the Macon council.

    Since Erick is not in my ward, I won’t have to make the difficult choice between voting for him or no one.

    The ballot isn’t quite as limited in options as a Soviet politburo election; however, as I get to chose between Reichert and that other guy who mysterious disappeared after he won the Republican primary for mayor.

  6. memberg says:

    There was a severe ballot problem in Macon when I went to vote today. For some reason, a Republican showed up on my ballot. What’s that all about?

  7. 1:30p.m. nocaM/bbiB County

    Erick & my VV6, Northminster Presbyterian precinct was more active than i have ever seen it in any past primary or general election. And our precint had the highest voter turnout in the last Election…

    The times they are a changin, i voted for a Republican with no oppsition, which gives me the right to YELL a lot over the next four years…

    No cell phones were allowed but nobody confiscated them or patted voters down at the door. We are almost still in a free and society.

  8. 8:30p.m.: Erick, somebody at BOE or Bbib County is yankin your chain, you are the only one whose votes haven’t shown up yet…

    Bibb County Home | Bibb County Board Of Elections | Main
    (i) – Indicates Incumbent Candidates
    Results with 16 of 43 precincts reporting.

    Election Results for General Election November 6, 2007
    Candidates Party Total Votes Percentage of Votes
    David E. Cousino Republican 185 4.089 %
    Robert Reichert Democrat 4344 95.92 %
    City Council Ward 1 ,Post 1
    Rick Hutto Democrat 3605 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 2, Post 1
    James E. Timley (i) Democrat 3192 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 3 ,Post 1
    Larry Schlesinger Democrat 3508 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 4 ,Post 1
    Miriam Lucas Paris Democrat 3562 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 5 ,Post 1
    Lauren Benedict Democrat 3354 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 1 ,Post 2
    Lonnie Miley Democrat 1026 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 1 ,Post 3
    Elaine H. Lucas (i) Democrat 970 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 2 ,Post 2
    Mike Cranford (i) Democrat 419 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 2 ,Post 3
    Ed Defore (i) Democrat 429 100.0 %

    City Council Ward 5 ,Post 3
    Erick Erickson Republican Results Pending 0%

    City Council Ward 3 ,Post 2
    Alveno Ross (i) Democrat 429 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 3 ,Post 3
    Tom Ellington Democrat 489 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 4 ,Post 2
    Charles Jones (i) Democrat 849 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 4 ,Post 3
    Virgil Watkins Jr. Democrat 888 100.0 %
    City Council Ward 5 ,Post 2

  9. Around 9p.m., with 26 of 43 precincts reporting, Erick’s votes finally started showing up:

    City Council Ward 5 ,Post 3
    Erick Erickson Republican 2143
    100.0 %

    27 of 43 precincts reporting:

    City Council Ward 5 ,Post 3
    Erick Erickson Republican 2629 100.0 %

  10. drjay says:

    well of all the incredibly sucky things i am somewhat disappointed to report that i lost my race by the distressing margin of 1 (that’s right 1) fricking vote–admittedly i do not know if both early and absentee have been counted or only early–but i was up four then a group of “new” votes came in and i am now down 1–also mr. moose came up a little short in sav’h tonite. hope everyone else is well



  11. bowersville says:

    The city of Mt Airy, NC, which was the template for Sheriff Taylor’s & Barney Fife’s Mayberry, has liquor by the drink.

    Today the citizens of Hartwell became the new Mayberry of Georgia and approved liquor by the drink in restaurants.

    What will the brown baggers do now and will the liquor stores that are out of town still need a drive in window for the deacons?

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