Oh Snuggles, What Havoc Thou Hast Wrought

From the AJC’s Bill Rankin yesterday:

DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones and his top aides created a hostile work environment through intimidation and humiliation to bring a “darker administration” to the county, a lawyer told a federal appeals court Friday.

The executives decided they would not fire white managers and replace them with blacks because that would be blatantly illegal, attorney Chris Anulewicz said. Instead, he said, Jones and his top aides did “whatever else it takes to make them quit.”

But Judge Lanier Anderson noted that the plaintiffs’ allegations “paint a picture there was widespread racial motivation to eliminate white managers and promote black managers.” That might give rise to a hostile work environment, Anderson said.

Anulewicz said there is overwhelming evidence to show there was a plan to harass and discriminate against white managers. “There is evidence that each and every one of these people knew what was going on.”

The suit was brought by former parks director Becky Kelley, deputy director Michael Bryant, assistant director John Drake and former deputy director Herbert Lowe. Lowe, the only black plaintiff, claims he was fired for refusing to discriminate against white managers.

The drama continues here.

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  1. W.A.V.E says:

    I know of several people who worked under the Vermin Regime and endured a hostile, bias and racist work environment towards whites. Making life a holy Hell for whites, not promoting them, bogus reprimands, ‘restructuring’ of departments to eliminate ‘certain’ jobs, etc were all dirty tactics used to either run off or force ‘whitey’ to quit.

  2. candlerpark says:

    I believe these allegations to be 100% for real.

    Some years ago I was one of the only (if not the only) caucasian board members of a Dekalb Co. based nonprofit. The organization was having a meeting/party in Stone Mountain & the relatively newly elected Vernon Jones came to speak. . . . I was shocked when Vern alluded to changing the districts so as to have Jacqueline Scott voted out of the Dekalb County Commission as a positive thing. He was playing to the 95%+ African American crowd when he played up the outster of Jacqui Scott as a positive. The vibe was completely what has been described in the press in terms of geting rid of whitey.

    Mrs. Scott (Tom Scott’s wife) was my representative before the Vernon Jones putsch. She was the most responsive public servant that I have ever been represented by. Anyway, as a big fan of Ms. Scott I was appalled to hear the CEO boldly take credit for engineering her ouster.

    It was a very surreal situation & one that I will never forget . . . Just hearing the racial politics being laid out in the most matter of fact way was something that blew my mind.

    I was a younger man then . . . and maybe I was naive, but that is the only thing that I think of when I think of Vernon Jones . . . Complete & total racism & shadiness.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Candler, I remember that debate and vote on the Senate floor. It had to be voted on by the whole senate because the local delegation couldn’t agree on it. Anyway, Mike Polak – D tried really hard to defeat it and really pissed off NAdine Thomas, but of course he couldn’t come up with the votes. Frustrated, he didn’t seek re-election in 02 and moved to Savannah. After Derwin Brown, who can blame him!

  4. Trackboy1 says:

    Beckey Kelley has some credibility. She is the head of the entire Georgia State Park system, which is pretty darn good system, and I believe she’s the first female to do so. John Drake has worked for DeKalb County for over 30 years. Herbert Lowe came to DeKalb from Coca-Cola headquarters.

    How much did those librians from Fulton Co. win with their lawsuit?

  5. ondichliberty88 says:

    Can we say “Black Supremecy” in Dekalb County Government. Georgia should not elect anyone that believes their race is superior to others including Vernon Jones. Jones is probably using the excuse of affirmitive action to race bait. Affirmative Action only helps reverse descrimination. That why Affirmative Action needs to reformed or repealed althogether.

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